Friday, June 17, 2016

A VIP Night at Legoland Discovery Center

This weekend was supposed to be our annual trip to Tontozona with our friends from Phoenix. We made the reservation for our little studio cabin, like we have every year, back in November. Then, they called a few months ago and said they are having volunteer workers come in to do projects around camp all summer and they are giving them all the studios to stay in. They were having over 100 other people there this weekend, which meant we were out of a place to stay. We could've crammed in one of the cabins with our friends, but decided to just forget it. I was bummed.

But, with the Fossil Creek trip last weekend and then our fun night in Phoenix yesterday, we've had lots of summer fun this week. Okay, now to our trip yesterday....

One of the perks of my job, besides saving thousands of dollars a year on groceries, is free events. Every so often, we'll get tickets to something fun, like the Dbacks suite, or to a show. Last night, we were invited to a VIP event at Legoland Discovery Center. It's fairly new and in a mall in Phoenix, well, Tempe actually. They invited us to an event when they opened, but it was a school night. This time, it was from 6-9 and the kids are on summer break. Perfect!

The boys were in church camp all week, so I literally picked them up at 3:00, drove home to get Em and David and off we went. We got there 40 minutes before our event, had time to grab Subway at the Food Court in the mall, and in we went. My kids are so deprieved living in a small town that they think just going to a mall is neat.

They were impressed with this octopus made out of Legos.

What was great about the event is that it was closed to the public.  So, there wasn't a ton of people there.  We got to me the AZ Cardinals mascot.

Then, the first thing we walked threw was this mini land of Arizona.  Basically, every Arizona landmark was there and made out of Legos.  Very cool.  Things were also interactive, which was fun.

Look, we took the kids to the Grand Canyon!  :)

And they had a boat race at Tempe Town Lake.

Ben just went to Montezuma's Castle on a school field trip.

Then, we got in to the main part and it's like Lego's everywhere.

Ben didn't want to pose with this girl.  

There was a meet and greet with Emmit.
Ben ran up to him and then kept trying to twist his head off.

There were two rides.  You have to peddle to go up and Ben was alone, and couldn't get it peddling fast enough to go up.  At one point, he just gave up and put his hands behind his head and relaxed.  He rode it another time with Emily and they went high.

There was this awesome area where you could build Lego cars and then try them down the track or race them.

David tried it and his car didn't make it off the ramp

So, he worked really hard at making it perfect.  Then, it flew off the ramp like a champ!

And here's a video of their race:

And there was other fun things to do....

This is where the master builder builds everything.
It's someones job to build Legos all day.  Nice!

I think this Lego girl looked like me.  Well if I were a Lego and 3 feet tall...

We got to see the new Lego 4D movie, which is why they had this VIP night.  
It was very cool.

And the kids LOVED this play house.  Literally, they could've spent all night there.  Ben came out and was dripping sweat from running and climbing so much.

The event was over at 9:00 and you can tell from Big Ben that it was 8:45 and we were the last people there.  Oh my gosh, why didn't I take a picture of Ben with Big Ben?  Oh well, I'll take him to see the real thing one day.

Then, Em did a handstand on the way because that's what she does.

We got home at 10:30 which really wasn't too bad.  The kids had a BLAST!  I mean they loved it.  No lines and no crowds were great.  Plus, free popcorn, soda, water, etc.  It was a fun night.

We leave for vacation in just a few days/
The summer is flying by!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and fun evening that must have been. I certainly don't think your kids are in any way deprived. This time next week they will be enjoy the waterways of Idaho with every piece of water equipment anyone could ever dream of and after that off to BC with all its' charm and adventures not to mention the love they will receive all along the way. As always thanks for sharing your adventures.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Initially when I saw your post on FB I thought you were at Legoland. I thought, sweet, they're in Cali.! But, this looks like fun. We missed you bunches! Love you!
Me xo