Sunday, June 12, 2016


My sweet husband turned 45 today. I think most people would describe my husband as a family man, and he so is. It's one of the things I love most about him. He 100% without a doubt will put the four of us first. I love that about him. But, I love that he is the ying to my yang. He's calm when I need to chill. He thinks things through when I'd jump the gun. He's my balance and my rock.

Since we already had our Fossil Creek surprise, today was just going to be a day to relax and do some things that David enjoys.

It started with Noah coming out of his room and giving David a stack of 10 homemade cards. That kid is so thoughtful.

We made breakfast.  And by we, I mean David and I.  The kids would've helped, but David said he enjoys cooking.  So, by all means, make us some waffles!  :)  Then, he opened a few presents.

Emily made him a cake.  Chocolate with chocolate frosting is always his request.

We went to the pool and enjoyed some sun and flips.

Noah snuggled with his Dad.

Then, wanted a tummy rub.  Wait?  Whose birthday is it?

We ran a quick errand to Home Depot, went to Olive Garden for dinner with a gift card from David's Mom and came home to enjoy cake.  (Don't ask about Emily's hair; more on that tomorrow).

I don't know what he wished for, but knowing my husband, it wasn't a wish for himself. 

We all love you so much babe.
Happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you all had a lovely day. You probably couldn't tell in the pics I posted of David yesterday, but his very first birthday cake was a chocolate cake. I guess that is what started the tradition. Thanks to Emily for doing her part. ;)
As always thanks for sharing and letting us get a glimpse of David's special 45th year celebration.
PS that was very sweet of Noah to actually make his dad 10 cards. Bet he loves them .It made me happy to see how sweet the kids all looked and to read your special words.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, David! Sounds like it was an amazing celebration for your 45th! Can't imagine what more you could possibly wish for (Powerball?!) wishing you all the best! Love, Pam

Linda said...

Happy belated Birthday to such a great guy! Looks like the perfect day. Much love to you all.