Thursday, May 5, 2016

Zoo Field Trip

I chaperoned Noah's class on a field trip to the zoo.  Oh, what a fun time we had.  This bald eagle was hysterical.  He was totally facing us until I pulled out the camera.

He turned his back.  Not nice baldy! 

This is Noah and Caleb.  I was lucky and had a group of 4 boys.  
All of whom were very nice and easy to take care of.

When we had some ramada time with one of the docents, Noah wanted to come sit by me.
So, here he is all chilling with me.  I'm glad he wasn't annoyed by me or acting like I wasn't there.

Then, the lady came around with some animals.  The first was a bearded dragon.  Noah didn't want to pet it.  I pinky promised him that if he did it, I would do it.  Then, I totally didn't do it!   That's just the kind of person I am.

My picture above wasn't good, but Noah's teacher got a good pic, so I copied hers from Facebook.

And here's a cute turtle.

And a selfie.

And this snake...I couldn't believe he pet it and I didn't even have to pinky promise him.  Which is good because there is no way that I would touch that gopher snake!

Then, the teacher said we had 45 minutes to do whatever.  I suggested we go to the petting zoo.  The four boys voted for the playground.  I was over ruled.

And this is cute viola.  I tried to get Noah in the pic, but he was playing hard to get and channeling his inner bald eagle.  Like three kids came up and said, Viola wants Noah to be her boyfriend.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Viola's Mom was also there and she had no clue about the "wetting" or the "I love Noah" notes we get on a weekly basis.

This was the playground.  Chaos!!!

It was a fun trip!


Anonymous said...

Loved all the pics and so glad I got to "meet" Viola. I wonder what her Mother had to say about the whole affair! Anyway it looks like a fun adventure and so proud of Noah for being so Brave . Thanks for thinking to post this for us. Early mother's day gift. Love it.
Love to you all,

Anonymous said...

Never going to pinky swear with you!

Linda said...

It's so great you get to go on these field trips! :) Sarah never had many field trips at all, because the school district here is very poor and 98% of the families couldn't afford them, but I did always volunteer. I think maybe it was different though because even at a very young age, she didn't really want me there at every event, lol. Of course I came anyway! :D

Cute photos of a wonderful day.