Monday, May 16, 2016

My Girl, Violin and Noah's Confession

I've been meaning to share this video of my girl and her violin teacher for a few days.

She's had five lessons.  I think she's doing great for 5 lessons.  We are hoping she sticks with it. She's not the best at practicing, but I'm going to threaten encourage her this summer.

My girl left today for a 3 day, 2 night camp with her sixth grade class.  
I only cried a little.  
David wanted to cry, but held it together for Em's sake.
Emily was fine.

I know she will have a blast.  I just wish she could call me or email me or something.
But, we will all survive and she will be home soon with some great memories.

It was so weird today only picking up one kid.  Why one?  Well, Noah stayed home from school today.  He got a cold Saturday night and was running a low fever and coughing a lot yesterday.  He woke up today and David said he could here him coughing a lot in his room.  He came out and said he didn't feel good.  We believed him.  SUCKERS!!!

I knew he was fine about 9:30, but figured it was fine.  I didn't want to change out of my pj's to take him to school, and grades are already in.  This week is just a fun week.  He finally came clean about his faking it on the way home from school.

My girl will be back in 44 hours.  I got this!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. That Noah. What a little stinker! No regrets, huh?! It's hard to stay mad at that cutie! Good luck with that!! As for Em, happy to hear she got off to camp ok. You guys will be fine! I will kiss her Insta posts, though! Love to all! Xo

Linda said...

:) These are the days. Faking school absences (lol right now though in the high school years.... arghhhh) and overnight trips to camp. Fun times!! ♥

Emily is sounding GREAT on the violin!

Yesterday, my girl headed off to Chicago with Cody and friends for the day. Thankfully, Ashlee did the driving and they took the L in from Midway, but still. At first, even though she's 20, I felt like you did with Emily as you know, Chicago CAN be a scary place (especially nowadays with all of the shootings), but then I calmed down and remembered that geez, I was driving into Chicago with friends from the time I was 16 and that was no biggie.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer!
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Thanks SO MUCH FOR sharing Em's violin lesson and accomplishments. Aside from doing so well with her notes I see she finally got to to have her lesson sitting down. yeah!
As for Noah's confession , he doesn't seem very penitent at all... and he's only in 1st grade .. Just wait until he's middle and High school age. Glad you made this video so he can look back and remember what he got away with at this young age. What a little con artist he is... LOL!
Hope the camp outing is going well for Emily. It's funny but when I check your blog from my Nook,The link always opens to the very first sleep over she had at her friends and how glad she was to get home in the morning ... Who had the most tears?? Hope she is having fun this time and no tears when she gets home. :)I guess by the end of this week you'll all be on vacation mode. Have fun!