Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Home and Awards Galore!

My girl is HOME!!! Yippee. David and I were in the gym for the end of the year assembly and she walked in. I walked right over and gave her about 10 kisses. I didn't even care if I embarrassed her. Luckily, she wasn't too mortified.

I gave her kisses and rubbed her cheeks and told her I loved and missed her. And then I said, "Did you not wear sunscreen?" That's a Mom for ya!

Her assembly was great. She got perfect attendance for the 4th quarter and Principal's List, which is all A's.

Doesn't she look cute.  They had color coded bandanas for what group they were in.

She loved camp!  She had a great time.  She did fun things like owl pellets, panning for gold, hikes, night hikes.  She said it was a blast.  I'm so happy that she had such a great time.  Oh and one of the camp counselors was a walker on Walking Dead!  Awesome!

David and I were there for Ben's assembly too.  Ben cleaned up at the assembly.  He got Principal's List (all A's) for the 4th quarter.  He also got all A's for the entire year.  Then, they pick a kid to win a Harkins movie gift pack, and his name was drawn.  Yea!

Then, he got perfect attendance for 4th quarter.  And, he also got perfect attendance for the entire YEAR!  He did not miss a single minute in 181 days of school.  The Principal called down the handful of kids who accomplished this and they all got Kindle Fire tablets!  Ben was super happy about that.

Then, he got called down as they all drew pictures for this farming thing they do every year.  It's not through the school, it's done through the county.  They picked some winners from all the schools and Ben got third!  So, they put his drawing on a shirt.  You can't see it very well, but it says, "Some fruits and veggies you don't want to share" and it's a bunny and person (Ben) playing tug of war with a carrot.  He got 2 Harkins gift cards for that too!

Poor Noah, the kids all came home and we were going on about all their stuff and he just felt left out.  They don't do assemblies until 3rd grade.  I told him, he could get a tablet too, but he wouldn't be able to fake it and stay home from school!  But, he had a great report card with almost all Outstanding and just a couple Satisfactory +.

The odd thing is Noah missed 10 days of school.  Emily missed 5 and Ben missed 0.  I don't even know how that's possible in the same household.  Well, Ben washes his hands so well that they will sometimes bleed in the winter, so I guess that's how.  And Noah won't quit picking his nose.  So, there you have it!

We are happy that Emily is home and our kids are doing so well.

Tomorrow is the last day of school!  The excitement is through the roof around here.


Anonymous said...

Oh I can only imagine how PROUD and HAPPY you must be. I am grinning from ear to ear and I wasn't even there to see their sweet little selves get all the recognition they so deserve.Congrats to both Emily and Ben and to you too Mom as I know a lot of you went into their accomplishments. As for Noah he has the award for the Biggest Con of the Year... Let's see if 2nd grade will prove a bigger challenge???
Again thank you so much for sharing with us. I talked to Emily late this afternoon and I didn't get any of this info from again Thank you.

Linda said...

Awesomeness all around!!! :) Way to go everyone! ♥

Happy Summer!!
Love, Linda