Sunday, May 8, 2016

For My Wife...Happy Mother's Day!

This special lady holds a unique place in my life. Yes, Gina's a mother, she's a daughter, she's an auntie, and a friend who is loved by many. She makes life so easy for those around her and all are fortunate to know her. I have never gotten the sense from anyone who has met her or spent time getting to know her that she is less than stellar. She is creative, intelligent, extremely adept at finding the good in almost every situation, she is not defeated in any endeavor she chooses to undertake, and is not easily undone by any situation, except if creepy crawly bugs are involved. She loves to laugh, yes even at her own jokes, and she makes others laugh with her. And she is passionate about tasks she sets her mind to, and fiercely loyal to those she loves with all her heart, choosing to shoulder the hurt and disappointment that always come with relationships of every kind, rather than pass it along to others. Of all the things she is, she is foremost a laborer for the sake of love; love is not a word in her vocabulary unless accompanied by actions...and she is all about showing love in deed. She does get tired, yet she works as though tireless when making those she loves happy. She holds herself to that standard in her friendships, with her parents, our children, and with me as her husband. She is many a splendid things to others, and there is something to gloat about when others say to me, “Gina is so wonderful, so funny, has such a great personality, is so pretty, and the list goes on.” I don't need those times to remind me that she is special, but the compliments never hurt. And then I say to myself, “Yup, she's incredible alright...and the fact that I get to be in her world, well, put it this way; there's no present nor reward like her.” It is in those times, but not limited to those times, when I realize that of all the things she is to others...they all just get a glimpse of Gina; she is more than that to me.

She is my wife; Gina is uniquely that to me and with no other does she share that relationship. I love her so much, going on close to 13 years as a married couple, and as a couple for nearly 14. In truth however, I love her less than she deserves; and for that, I am deeply sorry. She is my best friend, my lover, the mother of our children, but again, she is my wife. That place is occupied by only her, and I am a privileged and blessed man for that.

I know she'll read this, so I guess I want to say “Thank-you for being mine, Sweetheart, and for staying the course even when having to sometimes endure the worst of me; thank-you for taking your vows to me seriously. Thank-you for you, and for giving our children the best mother possible.” Happy Mother's Day! I Love you!  Always yours...David


Anonymous said...

A beautiful testimony to a SUPER wonderful Wife, mother, daughter {in law( to me)}friend and so much more to so many people. Thank you David for giving Gina the praise she so much deserves.

Sarah said...

This is the sweetest!!!!!!!! Gina is definitely a wonderful woman.

Anonymous said...

Very well said, David. Yep, she's a keeper! Beans is the best! Love!

Linda said...

This is such a sweet tribute. We love you both.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful...happy for you, David and your family. Hope you always have your love to sustain you for now and forever. Love, mom, MK