Thursday, May 12, 2016

End of the Year Wrap Up

The last few weeks of school are always chaos.

I had Muffins with Mom last week in Noah's class.

They are having donuts with Dad today, but David has to miss it.  He rearranged going out of town for work this week to be there for their music concerts and then the donuts came up and he couldn't postpone it.  So, he promised to take Noah to Fry's on Saturday and have donuts.  Noah was cool with that.

Their music concerts were this week.  Noah's was on Tuesday.  Emily and Ben on Wednesday.

Here's Em and one of her friends, Cynthia.

This was Emily's last concert at this school.  That makes me sad.  She's growing up too quickly.  Here are their videos:

Noah sang Sesame Street, You are my Sunshine/Keep on the Sunny Side and Ooby Dooby

Ben sang Beauty in the World, Summertime and I Want You Back

Emily sang You Be Illin' and One Day.

Ben looked scared to death for some reason.  He said that it was so hot up there from the lights that he wanted to pass out.  Guess he's not made for the bright lights of stardom!

I'm so thankful for their school and their awesome music teacher, Mr. Johnson.  He teaches them such diverse music and opens them up to music they may normally have never been exposed to.

The kids have 5 days left of school and Emily is going to a camp next week for 3 of those days.  She'll be spending two nights away from home.  She's never done that.  It's a little scary for all of us, but we know she'll do fine and she'll have a great time.  Summer is almost here and with that, I already have chore charts and workbooks ready!  Bring it on!


Linda said...

Lots of fun! :) I remember those days.
Quite different now at our house. Sarah just successfully completed her 2nd year of college. If all goes as planned, next spring she should be graduating with her Associates in Arts from Parkland. That's if she stays on the same track, though she seems really happy now in this program and I'm proud of her. Time does keep flying by but I really enjoy that part about life. While I sometimes felt sad, more often I just felt happy for the progress made and to be moving forward. ♥ So, for us, "summer" has already begun even though it's practically freezing out right now. We're in another cool slump which I could really do without. In Just one month from now, our entire family - all of our kids AND my sister and her family will be off to South Dakota and Wyoming for summer vacation.

Ha, since I don't blog, you have to get all of my updates here in my comments. :)
With that being shared, I wish you and your family a most fun summer! You are indeed very organized, I never had chore charts or school work for Sarah over the summer, but you're like my sister Barb, who does those sorts of things too. xo

Anonymous said...

oh Wow! Thank you for all the videos of each of the kids programs. I loved them and felt like I was there vicariously. Actually I watched them all twice so almost as much time was involved as if I had been there. Ha! I watched them first and then saw them a second time with Grampie. Actually I watched Noah's 3 times. The first time I watched it I had tears in my eyes as I remembering back when David had been that age and especially when it got to "you are my sunshine". That was the song i always sang to David when i went to wake him up every morning. I'm not sure if her remembers but I surely do cause he always used to wake up with a smile on his sweet little face. I felt like Noah was singing it to his dad. Crazy.. I know.
All of the three of them seemed rather subdued and I told Enrique it was probably because they knew they were being filmed. Noah was the hardest to see as the boy in front of him was Too tall. (How dare he be so tall?)
Anyway thanks so much for sharing.. ♥ ♥ ♥