Saturday, May 21, 2016

Around Our House

When I pick up Emily at her violin class, her teacher leaves the door open for me and I just go in. I usually just have a seat on her sofa and wait for them to finish up. When I went in on Thursday, Mrs. Kim was playing and she had her daughter, Ellie, playing too with Emily. Ellie plays the cello. Ellie played harmony and Kim and Emily played melody. It sounded so great. Em is coming along so fast since she can already read music. I'm so proud of her.

Emily wanted to kick off the summer with a slumber party. At first she wanted them to sleep in a tent in the backyard, but I didn't want to bother putting it up. Plus, the neighbors across the street found a huge snake the other day. So, they slept inside. They did water balloons and Just Dance on the Wii and had fun. Just what tween girls like to do.

We had Mom's night out and I met the mom's there. I dropped the kids off with David and he took them to Costco to get pizza. I ran a few errands, but finished up 20 minutes early. I went into Chili's early and got started with a margarita. And because I was in the bar and it was happy hour it was only $5!

Today, David and I went yard saling. He was looking for a saw to redo the wooden slates in our fence. In the community next to ours, they were having a big yard sale, so we circled around there. I could tell, David wasn't thrilled with the idea at first, but after a couple, he was like, oh this is kind of fun. Then, he tells me that he doesn't ever remember going to a yard sale. Like ever. What? We found just what he was looking for and several other things too. He was thrilled. Then, we went to the Swap Meet and they had tons of tools there too. Then, we went to Chipotle and Home Depot. It was a date day! At one point, I told him we should get the kids and make them come with us.  We left them at home with chores of cleaning windows and dusting.  He said, he'd rather just be with me.  We had fun just being together. And oh my gosh, Chipotle is so good. I could eat it every day. Maybe I should try some diet where I only eat Chipotle twice a day and I'll loose like 20 pounds. No rice or tortillas, I'll just get their salads. I could totally do that. Then I could become a Chipotle spokesperson and get a lifetime supply of Chipotle for free. I have big goals!

We also ran into Sprouts for a couple of things and let me just say how thankful we are that our weekends don't consist of having to shop. It's a madhouse in stores. So many people. I have the luxury of going every week on Wednesday morning and the stores are about 20% as full as they were today. I couldn't believe it.

We are also thankful that I get to stay home and work and go grocery shopping when I want and be there for our kids all summer long. We have lots of fun things planned and I'm determined to make the kids step up a little this year and learn some stuff. I got all organized with chores and things that they need to do every day. They weren't too happy, but whatever. The way I look at it if they do all this stuff daily, it shouldn't take more than 2 1/2 to 3 hours. The other 11 hours a day, they can do what they want which probably means putting their face in an electronic device.

I really don't think it's asking too much of them, 1 hour of learning, 30 minutes of getting off your ass, and an hour(ish) of something to contribute to this house. David and I do way too much for them. Have I mentioned at Emily's age, I had a job I went to every weekend, made donuts, waited on customers, cleaned bathrooms, swept and mopped.

I already had them doing chores yesterday and today. I did give them the weekend off before we start enrichment hour on Monday.

I'm sweet like that!


Anonymous said...

Well it seems like you've got the summer all organized and set to go. Hope you don't need too many more of those "Big" drinks to keep up with everything. Now to get everyone to be as organized and enthusiastic as mom... and you can just sit back and relax Hmmm! Am I dreaming or what? Lol!Anyway have a funtastic summer y'all. ☼

Linda said...

You are so organized!! :)
We really never did anything all summer long and I didn't work until senior year of high school, so I was a sloth, lol. Seriously though. I know you all will have a wonderful summer though! Loved that Emily began it with a fun sleepover and yes, she's doing excellent on the violin! ♥

As for Chipotle, it's a no-go for me. Sarah likes it but I've only eaten there once and it was a few years ago with Sarah and I got so severely sick after it that I said never again and I haven't and won't.

But those BIG drinks - well Jim and I like those and do them about once a week on our lunch or dinner out. Always on the rocks though for us since the other gives us a brain freeze, lol.

Happy Summer!
Love, Linda