Saturday, April 9, 2016

Around Our House

Things have been busy around here.

We've been spending some time in the pool now that the weather is nice. Although, it turned again this weekend and it's back to rainy and cold. It'll change tomorrow though, that's how it rolls in Arizona.

Believe it or not, Noah likes being thrown like this.

We had a block party and I made fruit and a yummy fruit dip.  I don't make the dip often because it's dangerously good.  It's just a thing of cream cheese and marshmallow fluff mixed together.  Emily had never tried it and she was in love.  I learned this recipe from one of my best friends in high school, Diana Howard.  I lived a lot at their house and her Mom made it for us.  So, now I call it Mama Howard's dip.  

Ok, this is not a good picture of Mrs. Kim, but Emily had her second violin lesson and was doing some fingering and plucking this time.  She's really enjoying it so far.

Our Easter got postponed since Suzy was sick.  So, we went down the week after.  I forgot my camera, but here are some pics I took with my phone.  

Suzy had out a wonderful yummy spread of food.  It was delicious.

She also got the kids some really nice baskets.  She spoils them!

This morning Ben made his own version of paper dolls of all the Harry Potter characters.  
We love his creativity.


Anonymous said...

Wow! It does seem like a lot has been going on around your place. Of course you know "we've" been anxiously awaiting more pics. We were happy to see the violin lesson in progress. Glad Em is doing well and enjoying it.Ben is always keeping himself busy with his newest ideas and plans. Noah by now must be completely comfortable in the water to let his Dad toss him about like that. I knew you all must have had a good time at Pete and Suzy's .I especially like the picture of you and your father, Gina. It is very good one of both of you.
As always Thanks for sharing and hope this weekend you find time for some relaxation. :)

Linda said...

Loved your update as always. Been thinking about you and figuring life is busy.
I post pretty regularly on Instagram so if you're ever wondering what we're up to, can see it there. ;) I had a pretty great Saturday on a number of levels. Your Uncle Jim treats us all royally.

Love, Linda