Friday, March 18, 2016

Universal, Day 3

This is the view out of hotel window.  Not too shabby.

We checked out of the hotel before we headed to the park.  Why spend more to stay at this hotel on our last night when we can get a cheap hotel by the airport.  So, that's what we did.  We got everything packed up and loaded in the car and they still let you use all the facilities and we still had our Express Passes.  We were headed to Island of Adventures to redo our favorites and catch a few that we missed on Thursday.

David took Noah on all the Dr. Seuss rides while I took Em and Ben to Harry Potter.  The one ride they love there, I think we rode it 4 times, I do think may have made David sick, so he skipped it.

After that, we rode Jurassic Park again.  Then, there are these dinosaur flyer cars that are really cool.  But, it's for kids 56 inches and under.  So, Ben can ride with someone and so can Noah.  That leaves one of us to sit.  So, I sat out this time and they rode.  But, it's okay, I made a friend.  Literally, he practically jumped in my backpack.

We were all a little wet from Jurassic Park, but decided to brave the Popeye water ride.  It's one where 8 people sit in a big circle raft and float down.  Thank God, they had a little compartment in the middle that we covered.  We put our backpack, socks and shoes in there.  

And we got soaked.  Not a little wet, like we all jumped in a pool and got out wet.  David got it the worst.  Literally, he had not a dry inch on him.  His underwear were dripping wet.  Em was acting cold, but this is Olrando, it wasn't cold.  But, being that wet was annoying.  David went in the bathroom and rang out his underwear.  He put Noah under a hand dryer.  It was funny, but I wouldn't go on that ride again unless I was leaving the park right after.

We ended the day taking the Harry Potter train from Islands of Adventure to Universal Studios.  I thought it was just a train ride, like the monorail at Disneyland.  But, it was almost like a ride too.  Instead of a window, they made it look like a movie outside as you were passing by.  It was cool.  We collected the kids souvenirs that they wanted and went on the Mummy ride one last time.  I snapped one last photo of the kids on the way out.

We took the water taxi back to the hotel and headed to David's parents house.  This is Emily on the grounds of the resort.  It is really pretty there.

We went to Carrabba's for a yummy dinner and visited with Gwynne and Enrique.  Then, we headed to a hotel just a few miles from the airport.  

And Daily Savings Time started this night, so instead of going to bed at 10, we went to bed at 11.  Ugh, I hate that and am so glad we don't do it here in Arizona.  

Next up...traveling home.  :(

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Linda said...

Yes, the time change is awful. They've talked about doing away with it here, but so far just talk. All week, I was dragging because before it was nice and bright out when we leave for work at 6:15 a.m. and now it's dark again at that time, though I noticed the past couple of days, it's beginning to be almost dawn a little past that time again. Soon though it will be light morning and late into the evening, so that will be nice.

Apparently there's a little snow flurry activity in the area tomorrow morning (at this time of year in Illinois it never amounts to much or doesn't last for long - I mean, there are spring flowers blooming and our grass already needs mowing!) but still.... I don't care. Because we are leaving at 7:00 a.m. for the deep south, lol. :) Where it's not exactly hot or anything - just 60s and 70s forecasted for our stay on the island, but that's pretty warm to us and we will enjoy it. Better than here for sure.

I've enjoyed all of your updates. I won't be on the computer again until over a week.

Love, Linda