Thursday, March 17, 2016

Universal, Day 2

We headed out early to hit Universal Studios during the hour that we got in before the park opened.

Em stopped for a picture.  Isn't her shirt adorbs?  Dad and Suzy got her a Justice gift card at Christmas and we stopped by Justice the day before while eating Chick fil A since we don't have one here.  She got some super cute stuff.  Thanks grandparents!  :)

I was going to wait for the "Universal" to spin back around, but whatever.  They were too excited to wait.

We  headed straight for Harry Potter Daigon Alley and wow...just wow.  Ben was in awe.  There first thing you see is this big dragon on the building in front of you.

The ride was done up so well.  I think I need to read the books now.

I don't know who this guy is, but he was moving and totally creepy.

The ride was awesome.  Then, outside is some bus from Harry Potter and talking head.  He asked what Ben's name was.  Then, the head said, "How've been Ben?" and laughed.  It was creepy.  Ben thought it was great.

Ben with the Back to the Future Delorean.  He likes that movie.

We went on the twirl and hurl for Noah.  And it was pretty close to that.  I wore seasick bands the whole time at the park and David put on his seasick patch and the bands and neither one of us had any trouble with rides.  I mean, I could ride the twirl and hurl 10 times over, but I wouldn't want to anyway.  We knew our limits.  But, he's usually ill after one ride.  So, this was so nice to be able to have fun with our kids and not be having them ride stuff alone.

Posing with the Simpsons cop.

As it turned out, one of Em's favorite rides at Universal was Men in Black.  You shoot aliens.  It was pretty cool and we rode it several times.

Noah with a minion banana on his head.

Ben acting like he's in the chair and getting his brain fried.

The great thing with express passes is that you get to ride on so much so fast.  We took the hot afternoon off.  We left around 1 and went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.  Noah and Ben were super happy they had soft serve ice cream, like on the boat.

Then, we went swimming for an hour.  It was nice to cool off and refuel during the hottest part of the day.  Then, we headed back to redo all of our favorite  rides and to watch the 100 years of movies celebration that they had at night.  We so rarely stick around at night since we are usually wiped out, but it was great to take a break and come back.  I highly recommend it.

Up next...our last fun day of vacation...


Linda said...

Another great update :)
I wonder if those bands would work for me (like at the Pink Floyd Laser Light show) but I sort of doubt it since that's just a laser show in a planetarium and that made me really really sick. What do you think?

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Another great day and great pictures. I see Ben was having his favorite"salad" at Sweet tomatoes. Ha! I am so glad everyone was finding things (rides) they liked.