Saturday, March 5, 2016

Florida Vacation, Day 1 and 2 ish

Vacation started off a little differently than normal. We always leave first thing in the morning, so it was so strange to be leaving for the airport at 7:30 at night. We got to see my Mom which was great. Sometimes, we are pass each other on the highway. She brought her cute little dog Tammy up and Rocko was in heaven. He's neutered, but boys will be boys.

We got to the airport.  We tried a new thing where each kid has their own carry on.  It makes it easy that each kid has their clothes in the carry on and then the little duffle that goes with it has all their stuff for the plane.  It's a good idea and definitely had some pros and cons.  Pros was skipping check in and baggage claim.  Pro was our luggage didn't get lost or damaged.  We had two pieces of luggage ruined after checking it in one year.  Cons were having 4 bags in overhead compartments.  Con, taking all that out with three tired kids at 3 AM and getting them to roll it down the aisle.  

Noah was really the only one who slept well on the plane.  The rest of us were little to no sleep.

We got to David's parents house and crashed.  David, Noah and I slept for about 3 hours.  Ben and Emily slept for 5.  After coffee and a cheese danish, would I do a red eye again with three small kids?  Maybe.  Pro:  itwas nice to have a full day here and a little nap and we were all good.   Pro:  not having to entertain kids on a plane for 4 hours.  Electronics are only so good until the batteries die.  Con:  We were all exhausted when the plane landed.  Literally, if we would've told Ben to lie down in the airport and sleep, he would've no problem.  He just couldn't sleep well sitting up.  We had neck pillows but still.  We were also 3 rows for the back of the plane.  The flight attendants opened about 27 cans of soda back there.  Then, someone went #2 in the bathroom and mixed with the overpowering toilet air freshener, it was like a smelling salt just to make sure you weren't sleeping.  

Would I do it again?  It's like don't remember how bad it was after the fact.  :)

We took a walk around David's old neighborhood.  Emily liked the palm trees.

He told the kids when he was 14, he used to do pull ups on this super tall branch of this tree. It's the tall branch at the top of the photo, about 20 feet above David's head.

Then, we checked in to our hotel and got ready.  We were meeting David's friend Michele from college for dinner.

We went to this awesome Brazilian steakhouse.  The waiters come around with skewers of meat and slice of what you like, sirloin, filet mignon, ribs, chicken, name it.  It was super good.

You have these little placecards that you turn to green if you want the waiter to come by with more meat, and you turn to red when you are done.  Noah, our big steak eater, ate more than his share and was done.

The kids were getting restless, so I took them outside.

Emily took pictures of herself.  Shocker.

Here's David and his friend Michele.

Three generations of Galeana's.

David and I.

Out little family.

Then, we went for ice cream.  Yeah, crazy.  But the dessert isn't included in that expensive restaurant and the kids wanted a cone.  Ben got it all over his nose.  This makes the third time they've ever had McDonald's!

Tomorrow, we head to the cruise ship to start our Bahama cruise.  I'll try to do a little update before we set sail.  Then, it's no wifi or phones for 4 days.  YEA!


Anonymous said...

love that you were able to get this together so quickly .I had a great day with you all Hope the cruise goes smoothly. C U soon.

Linda said...

So nice to see your post! Glad things are off to a great start. :)
The pictures are nice, and everyone looks great, but you - you look GORGEOUS!!! Your hair is so pretty and that orange color of your top is really pretty. You look really relaxed and ready for a great vacation.

After our laser show experience recently, I don't know that I can ever actually fly and definitely will never be on a ship - that part is okay since Jim isn't interested in that either, but the flying, I don't know. I got severe motion sickness only one Pink Floyd song into the show. I've always known that I have it because I could never do rides, 3D movies or anything like that, but it was shocking to experience in the laser show and all I could think when it happened was "I don't think I can ever fly ever again". I'll tell you more about what happened some other time, but your redeye flight experience made me think about it...

Anyways - thanks for posting an update. Have fun!!!
Love, Linda