Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cruise, Day 4

Well, this is a nice easy day. We had a full day at sea and we spent it on the lido deck enjoying the sun.  We started our day with our first breakfast in the sit down dining room.  Since we wanted to get off the boat the previous two mornings quickly, we just ate at the buffet breakfast.  Since we had the time today, we got waited on and man was it good.  I would say the breakfast was our best sit down meal.  Actually, it was considered brunch, so they had so many options and was delicious.

Then, we moved on to the lido deck. It was perfect out. The kids went down the water slide about 100 times. Emily even took video of her adventure.

I love her smile in these pictures.  She was just having a blast.

Noah was so light that he had to push himself to get through the end of the slide where it wasn't as steep.  Then, he'd just get up and run the rest of the way.  Ah, to be 42 pounds.

And even though they all ate ice cream like crazy, this was the journey up to the water slide, about 3 flights of stairs.  So, they were probably burning more calories than they could consume.

More pool fun!

Noah made a friend, Jayden.  He was 7 and from Myrtle Beach.  

The other two didn't make friends with anyone.  Well, Emily did by accident one night and then within 10 minutes was trying to figure out how to ditch the girl.  My kids just like to be by themselves most the time.  

The kids ate ice cream before dinner on our balcony.  The balcony was so nice.  I'd never do a cruise without one now.  

We had a nice dinner and spent the final night eating popcorn and watching Inside Out.  The kids went in the hot tub.  It was a perfect way to end our cruise.

We all just loved cruising.  It's like an all inclusive resort, but on the ocean.  We will do another one soon.  The kids didn't want to leave.  I was glad we still had Universal Studios to look forward to.


Linda said...

Love it!! Great photos and adventures for all. I'm the same way - I prefer being by myself. ;)
I love being near the ocean, but the "being ON the ocean" part is the part that doesn't entice Jim, Sarah and I, so no cruises for us. I love reading about your adventures though. Thanks for all of the wonderful updates.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

The day on the ship looked like a good one to me. Lots of fun and excitement on the slides , pool etc. In any case your kids know how to entertain them selves. Give Em a camera and she is set for life.As for Ben all he needs is his imagination and Noah well he found a friend.. so they were all set. The beautiful ocean scenery and weather made it so that fun was had by all. ☼