Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cruise, Day 3

The day started a little early. About midnightish (who knows though since there isn't a clock in the room), Noah wakes me up and says, "Mom, I'm sorry. I tried to make it to the bathroom." Ugh, never a sentence a Mom wants to hear in the middle of the night. I was like did you pee the bed or puke? Puke. Just a little bit, but on the carpet. David gets up and cleans it the best he can and puts a towel over it.  We let our cabin stewards know later and they shampooed the carpet.  They don't get paid enough.

So, I'm thinking, great. Here we have a nice beach day planned. And now we will all get the flu in the next few days. There was so much illness going around before we left.  Not with us, but everyone else and at school.  But, there was a tiny part of me that thought maybe he was seasick. See, David and I both get a little seasick when we go to my Dad and Suzy's cabin every summer. All the jet ski's and boats. We just take it easy and we are fine. David gets sick to his stomach just walking in an amusement park. So, he decided to not take chances and got a prescription patch from the doctor for this trip. We also bought 3 pairs of Sea Bands, which my stepmom Suzy says worked miracles for her on her last cruise. David didn't even wear the patch on the cruise and he was fine. There were a few times we both put on the Sea Bands, but it was extremely mild. After Noah puked, I put the Sea Bands on him and he woke up just fine. Who knows what it was. Probably too much ice cream!

In any case, we woke up, all felt great and headed to the beach! In Nassau, there are beaches within walking distance from the ship, so that's what we did. Sure there is Atlantis and other things to do there, but my kids are just beach kids and are happiest there.

There were 3 ships docked that day.  They actually back in like this.  I don't know how in the world you can back in a boat of this size.  We watched the one next to us do it and it looked easy.  I can't even park a jet ski right.

This is Junkanoo Beach.  About a mile from the ship is the first part of the beach which is loaded with 20 somethings all getting wasted.  We walked a half mile farther and the beach was so much nicer.  Almost no people, perfect sand and a little calmer from the wind.  And that lighthouse...it was perfect!

We all went swimming.

There is a teeny tiny head out there.  That's David.

The kids played in the sand.  That's the monstrous Atlantis in the background.

And more handstands...

Here's the palm trees on the beach.

Noah was content to play and take in the sights.

Ben was happy with playing as well.

Emily was dying to get a fruit slushy drink in a coconut.  David got some conch fritters and got her this.  The lady even gave her the coconut for free since it was her first.  We were going to keep it, but it started molding.  Oh well, we got a picture.

There was this cute bench.  I'm sure it's a lifeguard bench, but there wasn't a lifeguard.  So, we took pictures on it.

Noah being cute.

Then, David decided to flip Ben around, which was fine.  But, then all the kids wanted in on the action.

Noah was a piece of cake to flip.

At the end of the beach, it was like this canal of ocean water and so pretty.  I wish we could've taken a tube and floated down there to see where it goes.

After 5ish hours, we headed back to the boat.

This is my happy place.  With birds flying and the lighthouse.  Perfect.

We get back on the ship and a Disney cruise was parked next to us.  Look at that giant waterslide.  It covers their entire boat and then goes back.  You go through it in a raft.  Ben thought it was so cool.  I told him, "Maybe someone on the Disney ship looks at our curly waterslide and thinks it's so cool and wishes they had that."  To which he replied, "Not likely".  HA!  Yeah, he's probably right, but whatever.  Our ship rocked.  I told him he's lucky since there were maybe 50 kids total on our boat.  There was rarely a wait for the water slide.  That Disney ship probably had 1500-2000 kids and there was probably always a long wait for the slide.  

We showered up and went to the 11th floor for some mini golf.

Really, can you get better than this?  It's just so nice.  And even nicer when it's not full of people!

More ice cream.

We watched some of the Hunger Games on the outdoor screen.  Then, the kids got on suits and watched it from the hot tub.  The even had popcorn for us!  This was there favorite thing to do at night.

Next up, our fun day at sea!


Linda said...

WOW!! Another great update!! I'm so enjoying these. Thanks for posting!
Love, Linda

Sarah said...

Gina you are a so beautiful! U haven't aged since high school! This looks like a grand vacation for your family.

Anonymous said...

Glad you went a little further and found your almost private beach which made for great pictures and a really fun filled day. ☼