Monday, March 14, 2016

Cruise, Day 2

We woke up early on the second day of our cruise (first full day).  I had booked a snorkel excursion through a private company.  We were going to take a boat to a shallow reef, snorkel and then take the boat back to a public beach.  

Unfortunately, they said it was too windy and they had to cancel.  Boo.  But, they suggested another company that would take us to a different part of the island on the other side where the wind isn't so bad.  So, we went with that.  As a note, always have a plan B ready.  We ended up paying about $20 more and the experience wasn't as great as I had hoped.  But, it was still fun and we all enjoyed it.

Here are the kids waiting to leave.  

After a 30 minute taxi ride, we pull up to Crystal Beach and it's what my Bahama dreams are made of.  Clear water, almost aquamarine and then blue.  Not too deep.  About 40 people all got taxied to this beach, so we were behind 40 people to get snorkel gear.  The kids headed for the water while we waited.

Then, David got the brilliant idea to just come back to the hut once everyone cleared out.  No point in wasting 30 minutes waiting in line when water like this is waiting.  So, we went swimming.

We got our gear and headed out.  There was about 1/4 of a mile of shallow water with rocks at the far end, so that's where we were headed.  It's a lot harder to snorkel from a beach.  The sand was getting in the flippers vs. jumping off a boat.  But, Noah was so scared to swim in the ocean, so this was perfect for him.  He wasn't scared at all.

We saw some fish.

Then, we went around these rocks and there were tons of little fish.  It was like swimming in an aquarium.  

Emily trying to touch them.

There wasn't a ton of fish, which was a little disappointing.  But, the kids didn't care.  They just thought it was neat to see everything so clear underwater.  Even the coral that you normally step on and never see was pretty.

We took a walk on the beach.  Ok, a plus to this beach is it was totally private.  Literally, the taxi turned down this dirt path and there was a couple of wild dogs that looked kind of like Cujo and then through a fenced area.  Part of me wondered if we were ever going to see light again.  But, all was well and this beach was a huge hit.  The other beach we were supposed to go to was right by a shopping district, so we could've never left our stuff out and went walking.  This beach was totally private.  Just the 40ish people who came there for the day.  Sooooo nice!

And you know there was wrestling on the beach...

What was the most bizarre is the pine trees on the other side of the beach.  I thought there would only be palm trees.  So strange.

The sand was so nice, almost clay like.

Then, low tide came and the water went out.  So in the middle of this 1/4 mile of water, came a little island.  We called it Kiki's Island as it was perfect for Noah and that's his nickname.  

Perfect for doing handstands.

And playing...

And finding treasures... 

I didn't realize that sand dollars are alive until I saw this and knew it was definitely not a shell.

David found this tiny curved bottle on the beach.  The kids wanted to put a message in it.  

Oh yes, and this is a stingray, maybe 7 feet away from us.  

Then, we went up to meet our taxi.  They come back and get you and Noah played in the sand some more.  I love his tan little beach body.

On the way back, there was a huge fire.  We were like, um, that's not our boat, right?  Luckily, it was just tires.

This is the view from our balcony.  The two boats in the distance are dry docked and getting make overs.  Well, I'm sure it's not called that, but whatever.

Then, it was elegant night on the ship.  So, we got a little dressed up and went to dinner.

Noah is full of silly faces.

Em's hair is so curly when there is some moisture in the air.  You would think we spent hours making ringlet curls.  

Then, we saw a PG comedy show and caught the tail end of Jurassic World.  They show movies out on the lido deck every night.  This turned out to be one of the kids' favorite things.

Next up Nassau!


Linda said...

Love your update!! Anxiously waiting for more, more, more! ;)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Wow! I loved all those pictures.Now I know why it was impossible to do the cruise all in one blog... Too many great pictures and happenings. There are so many great ones of the kids and beaches, it definitely would be hard to choose which ones to share. Aside from all the walking on the ship, cruising certainly looks like the way to have a great vacation. I forgot to ask if the water camera came in handy , but I'm guessing even though the water was shallow , it had its fair share of use.
Love, ☼