Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cruise, Day 1

We are home! Not having internet for 4 days on the cruise was fine. I thought I'd catch up on the blog when we got off the cruise, but somehow, we hit the ground running. At the end of the night, I had to unpack the backpack, repack it for the next day, set out 5 sets of clothes and by then, it was time for bed.

So, I'm left with a bunch of days to catch up on. I thought I'd do the cruise in one post, then Universal Studios in another, but that's too overwhelming and there is too much to write and show you. So, I'm going to start at the beginning.

The pictures from our first day were from my camera, but the second day was all phone pics since we were getting on the boat.

So, here's the story about our first day on the cruise as told through my real camera.

We got on the boat about 12:45, but cabins weren't ready until 1:30.  So, we ate some lunch.  Once we got our cabin, I got everything unpacked.  I would've preferred to live out of a suitcase since it was only 4 days, but with 5 people and super tight quarters, there was no way.  then, we hit the pool.  The kids found the water slide and hot tub.  This is the children's hot tub.

David was enjoying some sun.

This is the room.  Where Ben is sitting made up to a bed and then there was a bed that pulled out from under our king.  Noah slept on that since he's light and the mattresses are usually not the best.

I've been on two cruises, but couldn't afford a balcony on either.  David's sister said it was the way to go, and it was really only $300 more.  Worth every penny.  David and I would sit out here every morning while the kids slept and watch the ocean.  We'd go out at night and watch the starts and the water.  Noah liked sitting with me at night out there.  It was so peaceful and is my happy place.

That night, we walked to our dining area and got a view of the ship.  They always have early seating and late seating where you sit at a table of 8.  But, most ships now have any time seating and you can go anytime between 5:45 and 9.  And you only sit with your party.  Much better.  I mean, I can talk to anyone, but I don't feel like making small talk with some strangers.  I want to talk to my family.

Before dinner, we stopped by the photo area and I took a picture of the pictures they took when we boarded.  Emily was so funny. We straightened her hair before we left on Friday night.  She woke up on Sunday, looked in the mirror and said, "Wait, what?"  She was all confused because her hair was curling up.  Welcome to humidity! 

He told us to put our hands up.  I don't think this is what he meant.  Ben looks like he's under arrest.

So, this was our dining hall.  We found out quickly that it's best to get there early, which works great for us.  By the time we left, there was a huge wait.  We gave the kids a whole speech about how they need to behave and not act like monkeys.  It kind of worked.

How pretty is the view from the dining room?

Noah was more interested in looking at the mermaid statues they had all over the dining room.  
That kid....

We got dessert in the dining room.  All the food was very good, but their chocolate melting cake is to die for.  I will dream of it until our next cruise.  But, that didn't stop the kids from hitting up "Swirls" every night and usually once a day too.  Ice cream and fro yo cones!  Em was having hot cocoa that night I think.

We had an early excursion scheduled for the next morning, so we turned in early.  But, only after the kids ran around the pool for a bit.  There were hardly any kids on the boat.  Maybe 50 or so that we would guess.  It was Spring Break for college kids, so there were lots of them around.

It was a great first day on the boat!


Anonymous said...

So fun! Ben cracks me up! Can't wait to hear about the rest! Love you! Xo

Linda said...

I've been looking forward to your updates! :) Love the photos and the story of the beginning of your many adventures.

No one at our house has interest in cruising though I must confess, after reading Susan Branch's book about her passage on the Queen Mary to England, I was enchanted and joke with Jim that I'm going to make that passage someday (it's basically nearly the same passage that my Grandfather would have made when he immigrated - different ship of course, lol - but it passes over where the Titanic sunk - the captain mentions it and as Susan wrote "I could have done without that bit of information", lol) Probably though I won't be ever making that trip, motion of an airplane, a boat, rides.... all of it makes me very sick. I take it none of you experienced that on the ship (being that you ride all the rides)?

Anyway.... I'm looking forward to your further updates!! ♥
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

All these pics are great and so worth waiting for. I see Porky even made the memories.
Even tho the room (cabin) probably seemed small when all the beds and bunks were in place, having that balcony was a plus for sure. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Love, ☼