Saturday, March 26, 2016

Around Our House

So, this is happening....

Emily has wanted to learn the violin for the past year or two. I told her she would get the chance in Jr. High. But, when we went to the open house last week, we found out they only had a band, no strings. Boo. She's been playing piano for almost 4 years and wants to continue with that, but she had her heart set on learning the violin too. I played for 3 years from 4th to 6th grade, but gave it up in Jr. High when I had to choose between violin and cheer since they were both after school activities. I chose cheer. Do I regret it? No. But, I wish I would've found a way to stick with violin.

In any case, my friend Dakri, mentioned the other day that a friend of hers might teach Alanah violin. What? I didn't know there was a violin teacher in a 25 mile radius from here. I knew this lady taught her girls, but didn't think she taught lessons for anything other than piano. It never dawned on me to ask. So, I got in touch with her and Emily's first lesson is Thursday. For now, she is having fun playing with it.

We found a place in downtown Prescott that rents violins, The Fiddle Doctor. The guy was super nice and we figure we'll rent the violin for 2 months and decide if she likes it before we spend a few hundred dollars on a new violin. But, I have to say, that I love it! Although, I squeak a lot, I remember a lot.  Much to my surprise since I haven't held a violin in over 30 years.

While we were downtown, we were came by a few homeless men.  Emily asked three times if we could give them money.  They weren't asking for money, but were clearly homeless.  Even if the one guy sat next to a box charging his wheelchair and cell phone.

So, we circled around and pulled out some money and Ben and Noah went over to give it to the 2 men.  Then, the guy asked if we had some time and wanted to make Ben something out of pipe cleaners. Sure....

He made these very cool spiders.  Ben was wearing s Spiderman shirt.  

Then, we headed to Olive Garden for dinner for the kids good grades.  Ben and Emily both got Principal's List again...all A's.  Noah got almost all O's on his report card, which is outstanding.  So, we used a gift card Gwynne and Enrique gave us.  Thanks!  The boys played with their spiders the whole time. got a little spider on your shoulder.

Then, we went to Costco.  I'm in love with this $500 swing.  Sigh.

Then, we got the kids ice cream for their good grades.  I'm happy that they are happy and easy to please.

Then, today the clubhouse had their annual egg hunt.  They do it by age.  Here's Noah before he took off to gather up as many eggs as he could.

I told him to run straight for the bush, and he did.  Good job, little dude.

Here's Em and her friends.  

Here is the 10 and up group.  Ben was ready to go.

David took Ben and Noah to see the Batman vs. Superman movie this afternoon.  

Then, we dyed eggs.

We were supposed to go to my Dad and Suzy's tomorrow for Easter, but they both got sick.  Suzy got the worst of it.  So, we are going down to Phoenix next weekend instead.  Since we don't have plans tomorrow, we are going to head to church and probably have tacos for dinner.  :)


Linda said...

You and David are such great parents! I'm so proud of you.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

I meant to comment on your blog the other day when I read it but somehow or another I completely forgot the next day and the next , so finally here I am to say even though you didn't get down to Phoenix on Easter itself you'll get to go this weekend and that should be fun to visit Pete and Suzy. I know they probably didn't get to do their Easter craft on Easter but they can still do it.. after all was said and done Greg and Rachel got to color their Easter eggs only on Tuesday and it was still fun. (maybe)I see your kids had lots of Eggs to dye and they at least did that before Easter. Today will be Emily's 1st Violin lesson. Hope it goes well. It is great that she is excited about it.I love that the kids are so generous and wanted to help out the homeless and that the man actually took the time to repay their generosity with a very fitting little gift.
Anyway enuf rambling. Hope the week has been going well.