Thursday, March 3, 2016

Around Our House

We leave for vacation tomorrow night! What? How can that be? But, it's here. The time went super fast. It's so weird to leave at 7:30 at night for a vacation. Hoping the redeye is good to us. I know the kids will sleep, but David and I? Who am I kidding? I'll sleep! David, who knows?

Here's a recap on what's been happening around here:

Emily's friend Ellie came by for a super quick visit. Her family was up here for the day and they stopped by for about 15 minutes. It was so great to see her, but super short. These girls became friends in Kindergarten!

Then, the underwater camera has been a huge hit.

Here's Emily and her friend, Alissa.

Here's Ben.  This camera must really make freckles stand out because in person, Ben looks like he has maybe two.  

His hair looks black here and it so is not.  This was prior to the haircuts last weekend.  Gina's Beauty Parlor was officially open and everybody in the house had a turn in my chair.

David sinking.

I love this one of Em.  

And Noah taking a selfie.

Notice no underwater photos of me?  That would mean I have to get my hair wet.  No, thanks.  :)

The sixth grade kids are doing some buddy teaming with the 1st grade kids.  Emily actually wanted to be with Noah.  Probably because the last time, she got some girl that she said was a huge pain and acted like she knew everything.  Noah is a safe bet.  So, they got to read together at school.  Noah's teacher posted this picture on Facebook.

All the grades are turned in at school for third quarter already. I'm proud to say that Emily and Ben got all A'x again. They've gotten all A's the entire year. The kids are kind of playing these last few days at school. Emily has an all day field trip tomorrow at the park. Ben is watching a movie in class. Noah said his belly hurt today and hurt all last night. I thought, oh no, here we go. The flu is going around like crazy. But, he made a miraculous recovery about 5 minutes after David left with Emily and Ben for school. I was going to take him to school, but thought, whatever. He needs a mental health day. Every 6 year old needs one, right? HA! We played several games of Memory and he whipped me every time.

Ok, so that's kind of a round up of what's going on around here. You'll next hear from me in two days when we are in Florida. That is if I'm not sleeping all day recovering for the flight.


Anonymous said...

Have fun and travel safe, friend! Can't wait to read your bog and see pics of your adventure! Xoxo!

Linda said...

Hope you have a WONDERFUL vacation!!! :)
I enjoyed your update and the photos, as always.

You're right - the time certainly has flown. I was thinking just this morning that you were probably getting ready to leave. We are just around the bend as well - ours begins 2 weeks from today. :)

Love, Linda

Piper AndTheKids said...

I love that photo of Emily and Noah :) The school is going to start transitioning my first grader to a mainstream classroom so soon he will start going to our local school for an hour in the morning (slow transition) and my fifth grader was horrified at the thought of making sure his brother gets in the proper line on the playground when the bell rings because it would be 'soooo embarrassing' :p