Wednesday, February 24, 2016

So This Is Happening...

Ugh, it was 7th grade open house tonight at Emily's new Junior High.  What in the world?  How can my baby be going into junior high?

It was all very nice and it was nice to see the campus and meet the teachers.  It seems great, but, but but, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!  I want her to stay little.

Anyway, Emily handled it all pretty well.  She was a bit concerned with the lockers and how the combination works.  She's never used a lock like that.  The school is really nice and has two stories, we didn't know that.  And it's all inside, so you don't have to go outside to run from class to class.  

The only real question Emily had when we left was if she'd still get recess.  Um, nope!  Which made David and I laugh.  Can you imagine if as adults they gave you a 15 minute break from work to go play tag with your coworkers?  Actually, it sounds awesome, but I guess at some point, you have to give up recess. That time is now.  

And Noah came home last week telling me that a girl in his class, Viola loves him.  Not likes him.  She said she loves him.  To which Noah told me and I will quote, "I don't know why she likes me.  I'm kind of disgusting.  I pick my nose. I don't wash my hands...."  Oh brother.  Yeah, you are gross, go take a shower.  

Then, he comes home today with an adorable beenie that another little girl, Paloma, made him.  Well, I think Paloma's Mom made it, but what is going on here?  If you remember, Paloma was the little girl that Noah called fat earlier this year and wrote her an apology letter.  You can refresh here.  Well, he didn't mean she was fat, just that her coat was puffy.  Bad choice of words little man.

In any case, he seems to have the girls eating out of the palm of his boogery hand.  Enjoy ladies!


Linda said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE to read your updates!! :)
I had to laugh though - what do you mean adults don't get recess at work? I DO. Every day. I use my hour long lunch to change into my P.E. clothes (yes, I literally do call it that) and go out and do my run/walk. I think pretty much every has seen me, including the Dean, as I've headed out day after day in all sorts of weather. I'm sure many times, people thought I was nuts - especially when I'm wearing my Ninja outfit (all black, complete with head mask to stay warm when it's below zero). Anyway, I know what you mean, but there are still those of us who really make it a point to do "recess" day after day. I know I could never be in a job where I didn't have this opportunity to do that because sitting all day long - there's just no way I could do that without making time for exercise. When the weather gets nicer I make sure I take a 15 minute walk in the morning and afternoon as well on top of the noon time hour one. I think I'm going to start calling it "recess" LOL ;)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Yep Your baby is growing up way too fast and as for Noah why wouldn't the girls love him?? It's cool that he admits to his faults. :)I wonder how many more girls will give him hats before he's fully grown and able to appreciate all the hard work and time that went into the crocheting of his headgear. Good thing you are keeping track for him... he'll appreciate it one day as he looks back at his life. C U soon.