Monday, February 1, 2016

Snow day

We got the call and email at 5:30 that we were going to be on a 2 hour delay. Then, about 7:15, we got the news of a full snow day. Hip, hip hooray!

The best part of a snow day is waiting for the kids to wake up and see the snow and then find out they don't have to go to school. Seriously, the excitement compares with Disneyland.

The boys waited for Em to get up and out they went.

The wind was really blowing the snow in their faces.

Then, they move to the front yard.

David decided not to drive to work, but he would work from home.  So, we got to take the kids sledding.  We just went to the park close to our house.  It's not a huge hill, but it's still fun.  We were some of the first people there and we had to try to get a run going.

Right before we left, I grabbed Noah's little pool inner tube.  The last time we went sledding, the people going the fastest were on pool inner tubes.  Emily said she didn't want her big one, so I just grabbed Noah's little one.  And boy, did that thing take off.  Way better than any snow sled we've ever used.  Here's Ben trying it out.

Noah approved.

Emily may have been a little large, but it's still fun.  
Then, we sent David back to get her big inner tube.

And Em's friend, Tabitha, showed up.

The orange tube was a big hit.

Even I tried it out.

I went super far!  Weight will do that!  :)

Ben wanted to have a snowball fight.

David tried out the big tube too.  We are a bunch of kids.

Then, Em and Tabitha went down together on her tube, which her Dad went home to get after seeing our tube success.

This is way more fun than math class!

The great thing about snow here, is it's gone in a day.  This was already our front yard and you saw the pics above that were probably 3 hours before.

Have I mentioned that I love our new house color?  :)

We just finished dinner and the kids and David are all out having a snowball fight.  

What a wonderful day!


Linda said...

Your house looks lovely and hooray for a fun snow day!! :)
It's always so funny to me - you there with a snow day in Arizona, and us here in Central Illinois with warm spring temps. We have no snow on the ground and it's been in the 50s for highs (even 60s today with rain) which is exceptionally warm for the beginning of February. Of course.... Illinois being what it is - we realize it can be like this today with a blizzard the next. We haven't had that this winter at all. Only had one small snow, but alas winter is not done here until April, so time will tell if we get lucky or not (and by lucky - I mean - NO snow for us that don't want it, LOL).

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I loved all the pics and of course Grampie was waiting for them too. What made the day especially fun was that it was UNEXPECTED and thank God they had finished the house on Saturday instead of finishing up on Monday. Who would have thought that the pool equipment would come in handy on the slopes? Looked like lots of slippery sliding fun!