Saturday, January 30, 2016


Our house needed to be painted about a year after we moved in. We bought in the height of the housing boom and they did a bad job. I think they watered down the paint. It was finally time to get it done. We have to stick with HOA colors and get HOA approval. It's all kind of pain.

I wanted a big change, not just an update on our color. It seems all the new houses in our neighborhood are being painted brown with lighter popouts. I liked that looked, but was so nervous about going brown. But, we went for it anyway. And I LOVE it! The brown looks darker in the photos as the front of our house is shaded and there isn't any sun out today, but I'm a fan of the dark.

This was the before.

And this is after....

Here's the backyard which is actually in the sun, so you can see the brown better.

Looking at the backyard compared to the first picture I posted, it looks like completely different color of brown. But, it is the same. Amazing what some lighting/sun does! We are so happy to see that crappy paint job go. And I'm thrilled that we didn't go with the same or close to the same colors. Change is good.


Linda said...

That looks really nice!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great job! A few days and a couple coats of paint make everything look different. Hope that this time the job has been well done and that it will be some time before that job needs doing again. On to a new week and new challenges :)

Anonymous said...

Looks great!