Friday, January 15, 2016

Cruising With Great Kids

Can I just say how proud I am of these kids.

Noah ~ Student of the Quarter
Ben ~ Principal's list (all A's) and perfect attendance
Emily ~ Principal's list (all A's) and perfect attendance

They had their award assembly this week and it was the first one I missed in 7 years.  My stomach was all sorts of off.  So, David went instead.  I'm glad we have flexibility to do that.

And this week, I made all the arrangements for our Spring Break trip...

Yep, we are taking the kids on a cruise.  We were going back and fourth from a cruise out of Galveston, TX or a trip to Florida for Universal.  I really feel California has most everything Orlando does.  Sure our Disney doesn't have Epcot, but meh.  Universal Orlando is just on another level compared to the one in L.A. (although, Harry Potter is opening in April).  They have two parks in Orlando and it's full of superhero stuff and a whole Dr. Seuss land. A dream for our boys.  The last time we went was 2012 and Noah pretty much sat in the stroller the whole time and rode a carousel.  So, he'll have a blast!

Then, I got the idea to do a little of both worlds and take a 4 days cruise of the Bahamas, spend a few days at Universal and we get to see David's parents and friend as well.  Win/win/win!!!!

We booked a nonstop redeye flight that the kids are so excited about for the way there.  I'm not sure why, but they really wanted to take a nighttime plane so we are trying it.  This would certainly make those 5 hour plane rides a whole heck of a lot easier if everyone was asleep.  If it's an epic fail, well, lesson learned.

I really can't wait.  My toes have been cold since October and I could use some warmth.  


Sarah said...

How fun! My kids would die!

Anonymous said...

Great news all round. Congrats to the kids. All of them are doing such a great job! I guess a cruise and Universal vacation is a very nice reward for such dedication on everyone's part. Looking forward to March. Hope you are feeling better, Gina. It is hard to be a Mom when you are not in top shape.
Wishing you all a happy L-O-N-G weekend.☼

Linda said...

That's awesome about their great progress!! :)

Wave to us as you go by on the boat, lol - just kidding, but we are heading to, it looks like, Dauphin Island, for Spring Break, along our favorite, the Alabama coast. :) We don't fly (too expensive and too scary/confined for me, lol) so we drive. It's about 13 hours. Btw, I'm not doing Facebook anymore - keeping the account open but I will not be there or post there, so I'm glad I can still keep in touch through the blog and if you need me or want to chat, just text or call. Last thing I posted there was just after new years.

Love, Linda