Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Day of Sledding

Just 15 minutes from our house, up Mingus Mountain, the elevation rises several thousand feet. Enough that we have no snow here and it looks like this there.

We've been up the mountain several times, but we've never taken the kids sledding there. We just usually go to the little park by our house with a small hill.  Now that the kids are older, we figure they can handle deeper snow and steeper hills.

This is the most snow the kids have been in.  They could've played all day 5 feet from the car.

That's a serious snow angel, but he couldn't get up.

David is over 6 feet, so it was probably close to 2 feet deep in places.

Poor Noah could hardly get up the little hill.

He made it though.  Nothing holds that kid back.

Then, they just rolled and jumped down the hill.

Me and my girl.

We got to the sledding area and Ben went down the huge hill first.  I thought it was funny and unexpected the first time.

The second time he went I was like, okay, enough of the flying 5 feet in the air. We are going on a cruise in 56 days. Broken limbs would be no bueno.

Noah and Emily went down the big hill from the midway point a couple of times.

Then, we all moved over to another area and made our own runs out of a smaller hill.  David and I would go down to flatten it out for them.  

It was great fun and I'm sure we'll be back soon.


Anonymous said...

Great Day on the slopes. You did a good job with the pictures. I could almost picture being there. (Glad I wasn't...LOL)It did look like the kids had a great time and you and David are such wonderful parents to give them that opportunity to make happy memories.
It is amazing that the amount of snow could be so different from what you have in your neck of the woods but I guess the elevation is what helped.
Anyway a fun day for the memory book. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love watching Ben catch air! I think he loved it, too! Fun day!!

Linda said...

That's some SERIOUS snow!! I haven't been sledding in - I don't even know how long.... since Sarah was a little girl and even then, I can hardly remember going. We just rarely have snow here in Central Illinois. Yes, Chicago is 2 hours to our north, but like you and the mountains, that makes all the difference in the weather. Also, whenever we did have snow - we don't have hills here, so you actually have to drive farther at least 30 minutes to get to a sledding hill and when it does snow here, the roads are all really bad since it's so flat and it drifts so easily, so we maybe went true sledding one time in all of Sarah's life.

Fun videos and photos. :)

Love, Linda