Friday, December 18, 2015

Winter Concert and Dance

This week, we've been busy every night with different winter activities.  On Wednesday night, we went to Noah's Christmas concert at school.

Thursday night was Ben and Emily's.

Today, Emily had her first dance at school.  It's during school hours.  I asked her if she wanted me to chaperone.  She did not.  She was a little nervous about the dancing part, but said, I'm only going for the food.  That's my girl!

And here are the videos from their concerts:

I was more than ticked at the family behind us during Emily and Ben's night with the crying baby. Now, I had one of those crying babies. We left if the baby couldn't be quiet. But, the parents and kids they were with were all super rude and talking the whole time. These kids have worked on these songs for 3 months and they can't shut up for 6 minutes to listen to them, even when their own son was singing. Rude, rude, rude. I would have told them so, but in this town, they probably have a weapon in their hip pocket. Sad.

But, we still enjoyed their performances and they all did a great job.

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Linda said...

I am so very familiar with those type of rude people from our many years of concert going at the school events here in our town of many rude people. It's very frustrating. To tell you how bad it's gotten here, the Junior High no longer even has a 8th grade graduation ceremony because of that very reason. Literally - they did away with it entirely, because parents couldn't behave themselves at the event and keep quiet. A very sad statement of the society we live in, I'm afraid.

For that reason, and many others - I'm just really happy to be done with school events. We did our time, there were many fun and memorable moments for sure, but they all ran their course and that's why I'm just happy to be in the time of life that we are at this very moment. Your time will come for that as well. In the meantime, your adorable kids are growing up so quickly. We need to see them before they're grown. :)

Hope the Christmas vacation is filled with many wonderful moments.
Much love to you and yours,