Sunday, December 6, 2015

Home Improvements

We got someone lined up to come Tuesday to lay down our new carpet.  We spent all day Saturday clearing out our bedroom, closet and guest bedroom.  We have furniture in the garage, in the bath tub, in the living room, in the entry ways.  It's crazy.  It'll be nice to get it done.  You can see in the pic where the sofa has been for 5 years and how clean that area is.  In the meantime, our rooms looks like this.

The crazy thing is, I kind of like the simplicity. I feel like I could not move all that stuff back in, and I'd be okay with that. Except, I'm not loving going out to the garage to get clean underwear. But, you get the point.

After pictures to come....

So, we got a new laptop and a new computer on Black Friday.  We decided that we needed to do away with our old "craft table".  That's what we've always called it.  It is a folding table that the kids did crafts on and it held our laptop.  It typically looks pretty awful.

But, now we have another laptop.  I wanted a long, 8 foot, wooden desk.  But, the prices online were outrageous and I couldn't find anything I really liked.

I've always wanted to do wood work stuff.  One day, I want to find that nasty dresser on the side of the road with a "free" sign and transform it.  I looked around on pinterest and found something that was pretty much what I wanted.  I showed David.  He watched a few youtube videos and we adapted it a little.

We went to Home Depot last weekend and got all the supplies.  It cost $78 and we still have a $20 piece of pine to do another project from that and a half can of stain.  So, basically about $50.  David measured and cut and sanded.  Thank goodness my Dad brought us all the tools.  We basically have some screwdrivers and a hammer.  Anyway, today, David and I stained it.

We got it all in place tonight and I love, love, love it!  We have to get one more board to go across the front to make sure it doesn't bow.  The back is secured to the wall with brackets.  I think I'm going to put a satin gloss finish on the top, just for a little sheen.  And we need to get three stools to go with it, but WOW, I'm super happy with how it turned out. 

It was exactly what I wanted.  I'm so proud of David for just jumping in with my wild idea and tackling this project.   David even drilled holes in the top for the cords to go through.  We officially put the folding table away!  Hallelujah! 

Now, the stools are more expensive than I hoped.  Hmmm...maybe we can make some!  :)


Linda said...

I love these kinds of projects and the desk looks really great!! :)
We only have carpet in our 3 bedrooms but yeah, it's really, really awful - all stained by the cats and just altogether dirty, but cleaning it is just going to have to wait as I don't even know how we'd move the furniture out of those rooms - they're tiny and packed with stuff and our bed along is gigantic and would have to be taken apart in order for the carpet to be cleaned, so it is what it is for now. I do want to paint the main portion of the living area though and I like the blue you show in picture #1. I was going to do a very light blue in keeping with my sea theme, but I'll see.

Anyway... keep up the great work!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to make a comment for several days but somehow kept forgetting to do so. But, I do want to say the desk turned out great. I am happy that together you and David are able to make things happen. Good job on both your parts. If nothing else you inspire David to do his best. Can hardly wait to see the finished product.