Monday, December 14, 2015

A Snow Delay and Spelling Bee

We woke up to a winter wonderland. It was only a few inches, but it fell in the early morning hours and they don't like to have kids standing at a bus stop in the snow. So, we got a two hour delay! The kids were more than happy to play outside for that two hours!

Then, Emily and Ben were both in the school Spelling Bee.  It was the top 2 or 3 kids from each class in third - sixth grades.  48 kids total.

Emily was pretty mad at herself that she got out on round one.  But, dojo is a hard word.  She still did great, and I'm proud of her for even getting up there.  One of the little third graders actually peed their pants on stage, so that should tell you how nervous they are.  Poor thing.  All of those grades come in to watch.  So, they are on stage in front of about 400 peers and lots of adults and teachers.  Talk about scary!

When Ben did his first word, cranny, he didn't realize that he was supposed to pick up the microphone.  He bent over to talk into it.  Hysterical.  That's just Ben. Never mind that 15 kids went before him.  He didn't even notice that they were picking it up.  He made it to round 5 this year and went out on the word modular.  His words were cranny, marlin, worrywart, smidge and modular.  He was the last kid up there for the their and fourth grade.  He was the top 6.  Him and five 6th graders.  That's pretty impressive.

We are super proud of both of them!

Grammie flies in tomorrow for a two week visit.  We have school concerts several nights with a performance at the rest home on Friday.  Then, we are out for two weeks.  It's going to be a very busy week!

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Linda said...

They did awesome in the spelling bee! What great kids!! :)

Still can't get over your snow, even though I know it doesn't last there long. Here, I was just reading a newspaper article that says - absolutely NO white Christmas here. We rarely do get one here in Central Illinois where snow isn't as common as farther north, but even Chicago doesn't have snow. The article says it's due to the very, very, very strong El Nino weather pattern and that it's expected to remain way above normal temperature wise here through December. I know there will still be a few colder days mixed in, but it never lasts for long. Not that I mind, I would take this all through January, February and March, but alas, those months are usually the worst of winter for us here. Time will tell.

Anyway.... you have lots of fun things coming up. I'm just looking forward to 18 1/2 days off!! Friday afternoon can't come soon enough. :)

Love, Linda