Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mr. Fix It

On Halloween, we headed out and did our thing. After, I went to fold the clothes in the dryer. What? They were still damp. How can that be? The dryer broke. It would spin, but no heat. Great.

The next day, I had one more load of laundry to do, so I washed it and channeled my inner Palma (that's my Grandma) and hung the clothes out to dry.

David wouldn't consider himself a handy Mr. Fix It type of guy and neither I am. We didn't know what was wrong. We took a look at a few youtube videos and they all talked about wiring.

We made plans to go to Sears the next day and check out new dryers. Not what I wanted to spend $500 on after a big New York vacation and with Christmas around the corner, but it is what it is.

Then, I did what any girl does and called her Daddy, who is Mr. Fix It. He basically told me it's a fuse or the heating element. And, gave us the confidence that a dryer is pretty simple. So, David decided to tackle it. He got back there and quickly located the heating element and thermal fuse. I did the research online to make sure we ordered the right parts. We got both since it was probably one part or the other. $26. That's all both parts cost.

They came tonight and David became Mr. Fix It.

And guess what? He fixed it! It took an $18 part and about 10 minutes. Whew. I'm proud of him.

In other news, it snowing! Not a ton, but this is a super early snowfall for sure. Sometimes we don't see a flake until January or later.

Ben is hoping for a snow day. I think the dryer is as lucky as we are getting for now.


Linda said...

Must run in the family! Your Uncle Jim can fix anything around the house - he's equally amazing at that. :) In fact, this week, he took apart our dishwasher that hadn't really been washing dishes for quite a while and fixed it. Isn't it great to have handy husbands? (and Youtube videos - because that's what Jim researches a lot for his fix-it jobs) ;)

I know you all like snow. I don't. Not at all anymore. Well, okay - maybe just a little right around Christmas but that's it. Both Jim and I hate driving in it. It didn't used to bother us when we were younger, but now that we're older, it bothers us a lot and winter driving here is the worst. All flat country roads with no trees to block the relentless wind and so every winter it's the same - huge drifts even on the interstate and ice. I can't stand it. The only way I would like it is if we were both retired and didn't have to venture out in it. And then of course, Sarah commutes to school daily, so that's an issue as well. I'm hoping that our milder than normal weather continues for the rest of the year here. I know it won't happen, but a girl can hope, and that you keep all of the snow out that way - in Arizona. Go figure. lol. :D

Love you!


Anonymous said...

I told David yesterday how proud of him I was for even having the guts to try. My dad and brothers(i.e,John, Terry, Pat and Jim)were great at that kind of stuff but David never had a good mentor in his father.I am so glad you and Pete came into his life and have helped him so much to discover his inner ability to tackle those things he never imagined he would be able to do.
I did see there was quite an accumulation of snow in Az. but not sure if it was farther north than you guys though. Anyway this crazy weather we've been having lately gets me nervous especially snow in Az where I know the cars are not necessarily equipped with snow tires for those slippery roads. I worry about David with all the driving he does in the northern part of the state.
Thanks for the updates.