Saturday, November 21, 2015


David and I were both baptized as babies. But, we didn't baptize our kids as babies. We felt it should be their decision to come to Christ and be baptized.

About 6 months ago, Ben and Emily both expressed an interest in being baptized. So, we waited for the church to offer it again and Ben, Emily and David all got baptized tonight.

Noah doesn't want to do it yet. He's still young and doesn't really get its meaning. So, he can do it when he feels it's right for him.

But, tonight, I couldn't have been more proud of Ben and Emily. Ben is hysterical in the video. The pastor told him to kneel and Ben didn't get it. But, that's Ben. He's always different, and that's fine. He always provides a little comic relief. Emily did everything perfectly, as she always does. That's Emily. She rehearses it over and over and always nails exactly what she's supposed to do.

As for David, I couldn't have been more proud to be his wife. He is such a wonderful example of what a husband, father and man of God should be.


Anonymous said...

Gina, Thank you so much for posting the video. Your last paragraph really made me so happy and proud of David as my son and you as his loving supportive wife. Thank you.

Linda said...

I am so VERY proud of all of you and feel so honored to be your Aunt, if even just by marriage! Sarah said she saw this on Facebook - I guess I missed the post but am glad to see the blog about it.

Love you all,