Thursday, November 19, 2015

Around Our House

The other night our garbage disposal died.  Just a little buzz and then nothing.  David got out his headlamp, a screwdriver and messed with some stuff.  Wa la!  It worked.  I was very impressed.

It was super cold here the past few days.  We had the fireplace going.  But, unless you sit a few feet in front of it, you don't get any of the warmth.  When we bought the house, they offered to put a blower in for like $500 or something crazy.  It basically blows the warm air out.  We were trying to cut corners, so we didn't get it.

David found a youtube video show how to do it and found one on amazon for $38.  We got it today and wa la!  He got it installed!  He's turning into Mr. Home Improvement.  It works, but now that it's warmed up we can't really test it out as we don't want to heat up the room anymore than it already is.  But, next week, our highs are in the low 50's again, so it'll be nice to use it.

Emily posted the picture on Instagram yesterday.  She took over my Instagram account, even renamed it.  So this morning we had this conversation:
Me:  Emily, what were those gang symbols you were throwing down on Instagram.
Emily:  That's the symbol for hashtag.
Me:  Oh.
Emily:  What's a gang?  
Good golly, I have a lot to learn about kids today.

I bought two baguettes.  I was dividing them up and wrapping them for future meals.  Noah saw the wrappers and immediately thought they'd make great robot arms.  I love the mind of a 6 year old.

Halloween came and went and we missed watching half of our favorite movies.  So, we made a list of all of our Christmas movies and we are trying to watch several a week.  We've already knocked off three.  I figure we should get them all in before Christmas.

That's about all that's going on around here.


Linda said...

Voilà! :)
I always love reading your updates. Way to go David on more great handy work!

Here the cold winter weather has set in, but it won't last for long. Back to the 50s next week I see, which is pretty mild for this time of year here. This weekend however - BRRR.... looks like the first winter storm to our north. We might get some flurries tomorrow morning for the first time. I know they won't last though - not yet.

Have a great weekend.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Hope you haven't knocked all those Christmas movies off the list before I get there. Save a few for Grammie.
Glad to see David is earning his keep nowadays. I know he always wants to be able to fix what is broken .. so glad he is able to do that.
Glad to see that Ben isn't the only one with those creative juices flowing through his veins. Way to go Noah!Love those robotic arms. Emily you will have to teach your Grammie all about Instagram when I get there.
Always happy to be able to see what is going on in your neck of the woods. have a Great and Holy weekend.