Monday, November 16, 2015

A Good Start

There was some chance of snow last night, but we really never take it seriously. When they say it will snow, it never does and when they say it won't snow, it does.

I got up at 3 AM and 5 AM to pee (thanks to my lovely children, I can't make it through a night). Both times, I looked out the window and nothing. I wake up at 7 and there's a few inches of snow and the school has emailed and called and we are on a 2 hour delay. I know it's only a few inches, but they really look at the fact that they don't want kids standing at bus stops when 2 inches of snow is coming down. It's more for safety.

I let the kids sleep in. Ben was the only one who woke up concerned. "It's 8:02, we are going to be late for school!"

I told him we better hurry up and get play in the snow! He was so happy. He ran and woke up Emily. Noah was already up. He is allergic to sleep.

Most mornings, I have to tell them 5 times to get dressed and it takes them all a good 10-15 minutes. Today, they were all dressed in 60 seconds. It was impressive!  They got busy playing.

Emily always loves to go down the slide first when there is a bunch of snow on it.

I'm pretty sure those gloves are useless at this point.

She does handstands all the time, everywhere.

The boys decided to work on a snowman.

They were so proud of themselves.  It's the world's smallest snowman.

Then, they went out front and I saw our scarecrow and had to laugh.  Poor guy.  It's Monday.  It's Fall.  It's Arizona.  I'm sure he wasn't prepared for snow drift in his face.  

Surprisingly, he looks how I feel most mornings.


Anonymous said...

What a fun morning! Great pics!

Linda said...

You're such an awesome Mom! :) Love the photos, but I don't want ANY snow. Well, okay - maybe a little around Christmas when we're off, but that's it. I've looked at your weather forecasts there and it seems though that when you get snow it's gone in a day and then it's 70. When we get snow, it's here for months and no nice temperatures, lol. But this year, thus far - autumn is still autumn and maybe even a little springlike at times. We're in the 60s again this week which is pretty warm here for this time of year. Thankfully - no snow. Just a bunch of rain here since yesterday which we needed and I was happy because I got to wear my actual rain boots for the first time today.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Galeana kids--- luckiest kids in PV . A mother that checks constantly all night for the 1st snowfall and then has their snow pants and boots lined up for them to jump into. Great Mom as far as I can tell. Anyway glad they had a nice start to the week. School delays are probably always a great way to start a week and to have the added bonus of 2( or however long) hours of snow play time sounds pretty great to me. Poor scarecrow got more than he bargained for this year I think.
Thanks for sharing the fun going on around your place.