Thursday, October 15, 2015

Worst School Pics Ever

I struggle with buying school pictures. We always do a family photo shoot for the holidays, and we get great pics with natural smiles in a beautiful scenery. I usually take about 100 pictures of each kid to get that one good one that I use for our holiday card.

The cheapest class photo package that I can get from school that has an 8x10 cost $26. I get a couple of sheets of pictures and a class photo. I love the class photo. All the kids looking a little dorky and later, you look back on the clothes and smile. I love the individual photo too. The hair slightly out of place, the dorky smile, the collar askew. They are a right of passage, and I want them every year.

But, this year, they didn't take the big group class photo. They are going to a new style. They display each persons individual photo with their name under it. Boo. That's boring. Each kid's photo is the size of a thumbnail and I want the big group class picture. So, that was one reason not to get pictures this year.

But, I got them anyway. And let me say, I wish I hadn't.  These are beyond awful.

Noah seriously looks about 50 pounds overweight. The kid weighs 40 pounds.  And, I know you don't know this, but that's his face he makes when he's pooping. Seriously.  His side swipe of bangs is down and looking all jagged.  I kind of thought it was cute and that I might be able to keep it.  I was trying to let it grow on me.

Then, I opened Ben's envelope.  What the _____.  There are no words.  There is nothing right in this photo.  Not one thing.  The crazy thing is I saw him about 30 minutes before this picture was taken when I went to get Emily because she was sick.  He looked great.  As to how they ended up with a photo like this and didn't think to retake it is beyond me.

Emily didn't get pictures since that was the day she went home early because she was sick.  At this point, I don't know that I could take seeing it.

All I can say is what day is retakes?  


Linda said...

You make me laugh out loud right here at my office desk, LOL. :D Your comments are so funny. I want to say those pictures aren't that bad, but I write from experience of years of school-photos gone bad. Of course, the good side of all of this though is that Sarah and I still look back and get a really good laugh over certain school photos.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I agree with Linda, you are too funny. First of all Noah looks just like Noah. He doesn't look any different than he usually looks when he is pleased with himself and Ben is actually smiling for a minute even if he is sort of looking off to the side, being sort of shy with his handsome little face. Too bad we didn't get to see Emily showing off her dimples and sweet little self, but hopefully she will have them done on the retake day.
School pictures never really show off the best of anyone, like Linda says they are something to look back at and giggle about. David's best one was one where he was wearing a clip on tie and one side of the part that goes under the collar was on top of the collar . But,he was still a cutie..and looking very proud of himself. LOL!