Monday, October 19, 2015


I'm always so proud of my kiddos, but today my proud parent cup runneth over.

Noah brought home an outstanding report card with almost all Outstanding marks. They don't do assemblies and Student of the Quarter, etc. until third grade.

Ben got all A's, so he got Principal's List, Perfect Attendance, Student of the Quarter and Student of the Quarter for P.E.  When we got home, I said "Wow, P.E. that's pretty great!"  The P.E. coach only picks one student per grade to get it.  He said, "Yeah, I was surprised.  I think I'm only average in the arts of Physical Education."  He makes me laugh.  I told him it's probably because he runs everywhere and shows lots of enthusiasm.  Which he agreed.

He got so many awards.  They were falling out of his hands.

And our beautiful Miss Emily got Student of the Quarter and Principal's List.

I'm always so proud of them, but they really did great.  To get Student of the Quarter in the first quarter means the teacher considers you to be the tops in the class.  Emily and Ben's teacher are both recommending they get tested for honors next week.  It's super hard to get in.  If you miss more than one question, you don't make it.  But, it's just an honor for them to get recommended for testing.

Here are their videos and the sweet things their teachers said about them.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Awesome! Way to go, Galeana kiddos! So proud of you! Keep it up!
Auntie Pam

Linda said...

This is so awesome and I would expect nothing less since you and your whole sweet family are awesome!! ♥

Congratulations to everyone!
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Wow! Talk about being proud. Way to go guys. All of you with proof in hand of the great work you are all doing everyday. I know your mom and Dad are both so proud of you and the Pride extends all the way to Florida where G&G are (almost) jumping up and down with happiness at the fine job you are all doing in school. CONGRATULATIONS to all. (Mom and Dad too) I know your mom especially helps you to stay on top of your work each day, and that is a big help to you and your dad who is also working hard to make sure you all are doing a fine job each day.
Keep up the good work and good luck with the Honors testing.
G & G