Thursday, October 22, 2015

Noah's First Party

Noah has been to invited to lots of birthday parties from school, but we never go.  Unless it's a kid he plays with and likes, we're not going.  A lot of kids to the obligatory invite of every kid in the class, and we don't do that.

Noah has yet to have a big birthday party.  With such an early August birthday, the kids that were his friends last year are in different classes or he hasn't made new friends yet, etc.  I think we'll do a big one for him next year and just do it a few weeks late, so he has time to decide who he wants there.

But, last weekend, he got invited to his best buds party.  Him and Levi were in class together last year.  This year they have different teachers.  Levi turned 7, so he's almost a year older than Noah.

David took him and said Noah had the best time!

This little girl likes Noah and always asks him to play with her at the pool.  One of the recess aides at school told me she chases Noah around.  :)  Maybe this is their first "date".

When Noah came home, he said he wished the party could start all over again.  I love to see him with such a huge smile on his face.


Linda said...

Ahhh yes, the years of friends parties. Sarah always only had a few choice friends, so thankfully the parties weren't really that big and she didn't go to many parties over the years which was fine with us, but I'm sure you remember my blog posts about all of the friends parties and all of the work that went into them. Namely, it was always "fun" getting parents to respond as to whether or not their kid was going to be there so we could order the appropriate amount of food, cake, etc. But there were so many fun times, like what Noah just experienced at his friend's party. He's adorable :)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Love his little smiling face . Glad he got to go and was just not a tag along to the older kids parties. He did look like he was having a ball.