Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New York, Day 5

Wow, I'm beat tonight. All this tourist stuff is doing me in. I'll feel like a new person after 8 hours of sleep.

Today, I thought we'd have time for more, but didn't want to rush through anything. We got in 911 Memorial and Museum, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I was thinking we'd be done with all that by 2ish. It was more like 6:00, and we could've easily stayed at Ellis Island longer but they were closing. Here's our day...

We got to the 911 Memorial and they are building 7 buildings for the 7 that went down.  This is building 5 I think, which is going to be the Metro building.  It's made out of all recycled material from the Twin Towers.  It looked pretty cool.

Here's the Memorial with Freedom Tower in the background.

Here's one of the original walls from the South tower.  The actually built the new museum around it.

All 11 men from ladder 3, died trying to save people that day.

This is called the Survivor tree.  It's the only tree in the area that survived.

Then, we saw Ben's future school.  New York Film Institute.  

We headed out to the Statue of Liberty.  

Suzy found a little poodle, like her Katie.  :)

Then, we went to Ellis Island.  They were closing in an hour, but we still watched a great movie about it and got to walk around some.  This was Registration Hall.

And here are some relatives names etched in the wall.  Peter and Angelina was my Dad's grandparents.  So, my kids' great, great grandparents.  Pretty darn cool.

This is my Dad's Mom side of the family.  It ran into several columns.

There were way more than this, over 11 million  more.  But, they only did the ones that paid to have it done years ago.  I think it's pretty neat.  Emily was sitting on the rail.  I'm sure her great, great, grandmother would've thought it neat that one day, 5 generations down that her granddaughter would be chillaxin' on the rails.

Ellis Island closed in 1954.  My Dad came over in 1955.  

Here's some more of the skyline on the way back in the golden light.

Ellis Island.

Tomorrow, we are headed to the Top of the Rock!  That's Rockefeller Center at night.  

This is Carnegie Hall.  They actually put tents up with red carpet in them and the limo's pull right in, so the celebrities can get out without being seen by anybody on the streets.  Must be nice!

We eat hot dogs at 9:00 for dinner.  :)

Well, the kids eat hot dogs. David and I split a gozleme.  It's Turkish food and was sooo good.  Chicken, spinach, mozzarella, beans, etc, wrapped in the lightest tortilla.  

Ok, time for bed.  I'm beat!


Linda said...

You indeed did pack in so much!!! Awesome!
I love so many of those places, especially Ellis Island of course where my Grandfather and his family came through in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Seeing your photos brings back memories of our 2 trips to NYC.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

As always Thanks so much for all the info and pictures. The kids are having such a great experience.One the hopefully will always remember and the pictures will certainly help them to recall. A lot of work on your part went into making this a memorable event for sure. G& Grampie are certainly enjoying your visit to NYC ( vicariously of course)Thanks you.