Sunday, October 4, 2015

New York, Day 2

Today was our day to spend with family.  My Dad's brothers and sisters planned a big surprise 90th birthday party for my Grandma.

Oh, but before that we went to the Westchester Mall because Emily had gotten a gift card to Justice and we don't have one in Prescott.  She could've ordered something online, but she wanted to go to the store.  This mall was a mansion.  The kids walked in and Ben said, "Wow, what is this place?"  It's called a mall Ben.  We have a dinky excuse of a mall in Prescott.  Ben was completely impressed with the underground parking and 4 stories of Coach, Michael Kors, etc.  It was an impressive mall that for sure.

So, we got to the party and the kids were passing some time.  Grandma Suzy got Emily all the Shopkins for her birthday.  They are these cute little collectibles that her friends all collect and they trade, etc.  Emily was showing them to her cousin Gianna.  Oh she was so cute.

Grandma was so surprised.  My dad and Suzy were here for my dad's 50th high school reunion.  Rosie said she was here for a business meeting.  Then, Aunt Lela showed up, so she was a little on to something, but not this many people.  She was stunned.
 I love all the cameras in the photo above.  And here's Noah on David's shoulders taking pictures with this little toy camera Suzy bought him.  :)

Grandma got a little emotional. She's so sweet.

And it was shock after shock.  People kept coming up and she was like oh wow.  I love this picture as my Dad and Grandma have the exact same expression on their face.

 Ben giving his Great Grandma some love.
 Here are some of my cousins,
 Here's my grandma with her only living sibling, Uncle Frank and his family.  They are all from Toronto and my Grandma was stunned to see them.

Then, I couldn't find Noah for a second.  Where did he go.  Oh, he's in the other room at the bar!  He was with my cousins, but still, this kid is a little rascal.

My Dad and his brother, Louie.

We had bread and olive oil dipping sauce on the table.  I thought, oh that's a good appetizer.  Then, the mozzarella balls and tomatoes came.  David was in heaven.
Then, it was, and I'm not even kidding, 3 hours of eating. They brought out eggplant paremasan, then some margherita pizza, then calamarri, then a salad.  Then, they put down a plate of vodka pasta.  Um, I ordered chicken.  My Uncle tells me it's the pasta before the meal.  What?  Then, came out a plate of desserts, cannoli and such, then homemade cookies from my great Aunt.  I'm seriously not kidding.  It was ridiculous and the best thing ever all at the same time. Everything was so good too.

A few people gave little speeches.

Emily taught her cousin Gianna the pouty lip.  Her parents will thank us later.
 Then, came cake!  Yes, cake!  We all rolled out of there.

Here's my grandma, her brother Frank and all of her kids.  We have grandkid photos too, but I'll get a copy later.  I didn't want to pass my camera around when there was already a ton of pics being taken.

Here's Joey and Suzy.

And me and my bro.

We finally rolled out of the restaurant and Noah was asleep from the food coma in about 2 minutes.  Emily can be so sweet and gave him an arm to rest on.

We went to a hotel close to my Grandma's and got settled and relaxed.  Then, we went to my Grandma's to visit for a bit.  I told the kids the basement was haunted.  They've never been in a basement, so I thought that would be fun.  Ben was ready to go ghostbuster down there.

Emily and Noah were scared to come down the stairs.

I told them I was only kidding, so they finally went down and explored. I remember my Grandfather making wine down there when I was a little girl.  He had barrels and was literally stomping on grapes with his feet.  

We didn't stay long as I knew Grandma was exhausted.  We'll be back in the morning to visit.

And then, we are off to NYC!

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Linda said...

This post warms my heart so much. Love everything about your family. So glad you were able to be there for this momentous occasion and LOVE all of the wonderful family photos and stories. I'm always a tad jealous when it comes to people talking about their grandparents, because I only had 1 living Grandparent in my lifetime and that was my Grandma and she died the summer that I was 7 so that was the summer of 1972. As you know, my Dad is turning 90 in just a few weeks.

Looking forward to more photos and stories of your trip to wonderful NYC!
Love, Linda