Thursday, October 29, 2015

Field Trip

I went with Ben's class today on a field trip to the Highland Center. It's like a nature spot in Prescott. I went with Emily's class two years ago. We learn about native plants and animals and I learned as much as the kids today. It was a super fun field trip.

Except the teacher gave me the difficult group since I'm the most familiar volunteer with the kids. Ugh, I knew I'd have the difficult kids. And, I did. I found myself thinking several times that I'm happy my kids are easy. There was the kid who is just like Rainman. No joke, a total genius but socially not there. The kid who obviously had ADHD. The girl who couldn't stop talking. The two kleptomaniacs who wanted to take every berry and acorn home with them. Their pockets were full. Seriously, leave something for the squirrels. Then, there was the kid who raised his hand for every question. We get it. You know everything. Then, I found out what a no contact contract was. Basicaly, when two kids are contractually obligated to not talk, look or breathe in the other kids direction. Really?  They need that in school these days?  Sad.

But what I learned from these kids is they are all pretty great. The savant is awesome in his own way. The hoarders are just doing their thing. Mr. ADHD skipped down the trail; man, I wish I had some of his spunk. And chatty Cathy is always the first kid to say hi to me and never leaves anyone out.  They were all pretty great. But, I am super grateful for my easy peasy no contract kids.

A storm moved in during the afternoon. The day was over and as we were walking to the bus it started raining and then hailing. Perfect timing. I'm so glad I get to have these fun experiences with Ben. 

Oh my gosh, I just went back and looked up Emily's same field trip, just three years ago.  She looks so tiny.  She  needs to stop growing up.  Can I just say how happy I am that I've kept this blog all these years.  It's so neat to look back on things.  We pulled up Halloween this morning and were cracking up at the old pictures.


Linda said...

Love your commentary and the photos. :) It's wonderful that you volunteer and get to be a part of their lives in this way.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Ha ! I had to laugh when I looked at the first picture with Ben taking something from his friends hands without even looking it that direction. But it did sound like a fun day and a great learning experience for the kids. It truly makes you appreciate your own kids when you get to observe first hand other children. Hope you all have a great Halloween weekend.

Anonymous said...

P.S.... I did a little glance back at Emily's field trip and you're right she seems so little . At the same time she had a much greater ratio of pictures taken. I guess those other kids were really keeping you busy. LOL! Spring time ... forest fires and fall time rain and hail Which is better ? That's a toss up for sure. :)