Sunday, September 20, 2015

New York Super Week

Ben drew this picture at church last night.  They had to draw themselves and write what they are good at.  No surprise that Ben drew something about superheroes.

We are going to New York in 12 days for Fall Break.  Ben has been wanting to go to New York forever.  Most 9 year old boys would want a trip to Legoland or the beach.  But, we've done all that.  I truly feel like we are going to be introducing Ben to his future home.  I can almost guarantee he'll live in New York one day.  It's just his type of place.  He says he likes it because it's fast, like him.  Although, he can spend all day playing at the beach and not want to leave.  But, I know Ben is a big city type of kid.  And not just any big city, Ben wants the biggest....NYC.  

I asked him why he wants to go there so bad.  I assured him that there are not superheroes walking around.  That Spiderman will not be swinging from buildings and you can't lift a sewer cover and find the ninja turtles.  But, he knows that and can separate reality for his fantasy movie/comic book life that he loves.  His response to why he wants to go to New York City, "There's the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, The Empire State Building and hello....the Brooklyn Bridge!"  Seriously, this kid loves NYC already and he's never been there.

I didn't want to go when Noah was smaller, so we waited.  We were playing with the idea of going at Fall Break, still a little unsure.  Then, my Aunt tells me she is having a surprise 90th birthday party for my Grandma the first weekend in October.  

Ok, as I write this, Ben just came in and tried to climb our rock fireplace like Spiderman.  Seriously, no joke.  

Okay, so back to the plans.  The first weekend in October just happens to be the start of our Fall Break. This is perfect.  We can fly out there, spend the day with relatives, and there is nothing better than a 90th birthday party.  Everybody will be there.  Perfect!  Then, we can head to the city for 4 days and be the biggest tourists ever!  My Dad and Suzy are going to join us in the city too.  I'll feel better since the adults will outnumber the kids.

I got it all planned and can't believe we leave in less than 2 weeks.  Then, I find out we are there during New York Super Week.  Yes, it's superhero week in New York the week we are there, including comic con.  So, guess what?  There will be superheroes walking around the entire week.  Oh brother.  I know Ben is going to fall in love with NYC, but this will just put it over the top!  

He is counting down the days....


Anonymous said...


I love New York---it is a very fin exciting place---always an adventure every day---just so expensive to do a lot of the really great things there, but I hope you have a great time...Wish I would have known as I would have asked my friend to give you all a tour around the TODAY as she is one of the host for the TODAY show there---Have a great time....


Linda said...

Wow that's incredible!! In all ways, what a fantastic trip this is going to be!! :)

We don't have fall break here - not even Sarah from College, though some Universities do have a small fall break apparently but none around here (Ashlees does in Southern Illinois). No matter, I'm taking a mini fall break in a couple of weeks, lol, and making a girls weekend in Chicago with Sarah. ;)

Your Grandma's 90th makes me think I should be planning something big for my Dad's 90th, but he doesn't want that, so I think it's going to end up being a dinner with just the immediate family. Still, I think I'll work on something - at least getting the news out on Facebook so people can send cards to him.

Anyways, see your post gets me thinking about things I need to be doing, LOL>

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

I know you guys Ben especially are going to have a great time in NYC. I never thought of him as a big city kind of kid, so that goes to show what I know about my eldest grandson.. Shame on him keeping that a secret from me. LOL! Anyway I'm quite certain you will all have a memorable visit to the Big Apple and certainly making some memories that will stay with you all forever . Pictures will help! :
PS is Spider man still playing on Broadway? Are you going to try to collect on the offer they made a few years back?