Thursday, August 13, 2015

Saving Nine Lives

After being with David for 13 years, you'd think I'd know just about everything about him. But, maybe not...

Last week, I texted him to see if he'd want to donate blood with me. He said sure and that he'd never done it before. What? How did I not know that? I used to donate often in my 20's, but just stopped after I fainted once. Then, life got crazy. Now, they were bringing the blood people to our clubhouse. How could we say no? I always think when Noah was born, I needed someone's blood and platelets. Thank goodness for kind people who donate such things.

So, I made our appointments. As it turns out, David is big enough to give a "Power Red" donation. They take more out and do something with it; basically, it can save six lives.

He also got back in some sort of solution hanging there in the bag on the left.  It took like 30 minutes too!

I'm not big enough for the power red, so I just did the regular donation, which they said saves three lives.

Sorry the pictures stink, I'm not good with my left hand.  

All in all, we saved 9 lives.  Not bad for one evening.


katie said...

Dan donates all the time - about as often as allowed...I've only done it once! Time to step up!

Anonymous said...

Strong work, Galeanas! I should do it, too. It's just that once you're on their list, they call you all the time. It's annoying. But, I should go again.

Linda said...

That's awesome!!

I've never donated and not sure if I could as I'm sure I would probably faint as I have dizzy issues. Good for you guys though!! xo

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Way to go,you two.:) Glad to see that you found a way to get David involved also.I used to donate blood very often in Canada starting when I was in college; but since I came to Florida I have only done it once and that was for myself , so that I would not have to pay for blood in case it was needed for an upcoming surgery. The idea that they would charge for blood as a life saver sort of turned me off in that I believed that it should be free to someone that needed it to save their lives. In any case I do believe it is a worthy cause and especially if you have a rare blood type.