Sunday, August 23, 2015

Foodie Party

Emily's birthday isn't until the 30th.  But, two of her good friends also have August birthdays.  In an effort to spread out the parties, we chose to have hers this weekend.  She wanted a slumber party with 3 of her good girl friends.  

She's silly and cute.

One of her friends had a Minecraft party, another did a camping/movie night, another is having a spa party.  Emily didn't have a theme.  Then, when I was getting her party together, I realized it was a Foodie Birthday Party.  No pizza and store bought cupcakes for her.

Nope.  She wanted a taco bar.

I like her peace sign.  She loves olives.

The girls played on the swing set a little.

Then, got into the water balloons.

It was all nice nice until David got involved.

Then, it was war.  But, Emily got mad that her Dad was throwing all the water balloons, so she made the child behave.

They did some Just Dance.

For dessert, it was an ice cream bar....strawberries, bananas, peanuts, whipped cream, cherries, cookie dough, M&M's, Snickers, etc.

And we sang happy birthday.  

And she opened gifts.

Then, had to stop in the middle for her friend to film her opening a blind box, so they could post it on  you tube.  These girls...

They like this girl who does this alter ego with red lipstick all over her face called Miranda.  She's bizarre, but kind of funny.  Emily was impersonating her face.  

She got lots of Minecraft stuff.

Then, they actually fell asleep by 2:00.  Yea!  In the morning we had chocolate chip waffles, bacon and sausage.  Yep, a foodie party.  That's my girl.  

I started this blog post and was so disappointed with a lot of the pictures.  The ones I posted are fine, but without my flash working and my auto mode it just takes me too long to figure out settings on my camera.  I watched a bunch of You Tube videos and figured out what aperture and shutter speed are.  I know what my ISO is, but with kids, you have to adjust so fast and I'm just not that good yet.  Most of her pictures were blurry or orange colored or something.

I was thinking we'd have to get a new camera before we go to New York in October. Then, I went online (again) and did more research on why my flash wouldn't pop up.  I figured out there is a tiny pin under the camera hot shoe.  I knew that I hadn't seen that when I looked around.  So, I took the guys advice and cut a tiny piece of paper clip and put it in there.  And it worked!  Yea!  I can't believe it.  Whew.....


Linda said...

Glad you figured out your camera issue! Hooray :D

Looks like a bunch of fun with the girls for Emily's party and it's great how it became a foodie party. :) Love the way you hung the pastel balloons at the entry and I'll have to copy that for a future party. Looks cute!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Like Linda, I too loved the balloons. So cute :)
I love the look of so much happiness on her face as she opened her gifts. What a nice way to spend the day with her friends. The foodie idea was so cute and I'm sure they loved it. I know the 2 am time probably didn't sit well with everyone... but, hey for now it is only one night in the year... wait a few more years and you won't ever get a good nights sleep. Those years you'll be wanting her to only be up one night during the year.
Anyway glad the day was special for her as she is SPECIAL!

Anonymous said...

A foodie party with water balloons and Just Dance is my kind of party! Looks like fun! I think I'll plan that for my 45th! You're in charge of the taco bar! ;) love to all!

Piper AndTheKids said...

A taco bar and a sundae bar? My kids would love it :)

I only fiddle with manual on inanimate objects--when I'm shooting my kids it's always on auto or I get awful pictures 😛