Tuesday, August 4, 2015

First Day of School

The kids started school yesterday.  It's their first day of first, fourth and six grade!

The day went great for all of them.  Nobody had a single complaint!

Here's to a great year!


Linda said...

It still seems so early to me. I know - you're on a more balanced school year calendar, but it's just so different from what Sarah and I grew up with. I'm glad they had a great day and hope they have a wonderful year. I'm sure they will - they always do great! :)

Here, we're still just enjoying summertime. Heading off on a weekend getaway this weekend to celebrate our anniversary and picking up something extra special for our anniversary gift. ;) I'll have to tell you more about that in private.

Love, me

Anonymous said...

Hope everyday is as happy as the first one was. Have a GREAT year everyone. :)