Sunday, August 30, 2015


My sweet girl turned 11 today.  How is that possible?  The time is going so fast.  Every time David and I talk about the kids growing up and moving it, I get all teary eyed.  I like right where we are now.  I just want to keep us in a bubble.  

But, I can't do that.  I need to teach my kiddos to fly and this little girl is learning.

I had presents out for her when she woke up.  She was dying to open her gifts.

She'll always be a Daddy's girl.

She got some money from Grammie and Grampie.  They also bought us Olive Garden last night too!  Em loves their chicken parm.  They got her the cute vest you'll see in a few pictures below.

Granny sent her a nice card and some money too!

Gifts this year were hard.  She has so many clothes and she's not really in need of anything.  I totally winged it on gifts since she asked for nothing.  Luckily, she liked everything.  Sadness is her favorite character from Inside Out, and this Sadness is just the cutest!

I found her this cute mug and it had an inspirational Bible verse in it.  

I got her some other owl stuff and a few bathing suits and a huge box full of gum and her favorite candies.  

My foodie girl wouldn't have just any breakfast, it was french toast with strawberries and whipped cream, hashbrowns and bacon.

While she was sleeping, I put streamers up over her door.

We went to the pool and she got to play with one of her buddies.

I didn't take a picture of dinner, but we made her a roast with mashed potatoes and carrots.  That's always her favorite.  Then, I made her a pumpkin roll for dessert!

Her friend, Alissa, from the pool came back for some cake and to play!

While I was writing this, the clock turned to 8:07.  I told Emily that she was sitting in my arms at that exact moment 11 years ago.  She started crying.  So did I.  She said she doesn't want to grow up.  As a parent, that's one of the nicest things I can hear.  That she loves her life here with us in our home.  But, she'll always have a home here.  I'm sure in another 8 years, she'll change her mind and want to fly.  But, if she doesn't, I'm okay with that too.  She'll always be our little girl.


Linda said...

This is making ME cry. ♥
Not a day goes by, where I don't think about life in general and how fast it's all going. I not only think about it where it comes to Sarah, but also my parents (my Dad is 90 this November) and myself as well. It always gets me very emotional. I guess the best we can do, is do like you do, embrace every day and make the most of all of the moments.

I'm glad Emily had a wonderful Birthday. She's such a pretty girl and your Uncle Jim and I seriously need to meet your kids before they're grown!!
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Emily looks so beautiful, even first thing in the morning.I just love to see her smile with those sweet dimples. I too feel like crying to know she is growing so quickly and realistically thinking I wonder if I'll be around as she becomes an adult. In any case I hope I will be here to see her celebrate many more birthdays. She is such a sweet girl and I'm sure she makes you proud on a regular basis.
Glad she was able to celebrate and be happy on her 11th birthday. I ♥ her very much.♥