Thursday, July 9, 2015

Vacation, Day 7

Today was a travel day. It's about a 9 hour drive to my Dad and Suzy's in Idaho from Vancouver, so we decided to break it up over 2 days. Last year, we went through Banff (way longer than 9 hours). This year, we went through Northern Washington and drove through the North Cascades National Park. It was a great day. Here's the recap:

We were sad to leave Gibsons and our family there. We always have such a nice time and I'm forever grateful to Uncle Terry and Aunt Paula (and my Dad and Suzy) for letting my little family crash at their place for 5 days every summer. Seriously, hotel costs are huge. And when you take most of that out, it makes this trip affordable. Not to mention having a kitchen to do some meals and everyone cooks us tasty things. Really, our family gets to benefit from others generosity and make memories that will last forever.

Emily asked me on the beach yesterday, "Mom, will we always have the money to do this trip every summer." I told her yes and as long as our family is willing to have us, we will come. She said, "Good, because I'd do anything to keep coming here." And she just doesn't mean the places. It's the people we are with. The whole experience is just wonderful.

Okay, I digress....

We got on a 8:30 ferry to get an early jump to the day. Em was sad to leave.

Noah was cold, so we told him the monkey's need to stay behind the glass. :)

The boys were getting some wrestling out before being couped up in the car.

Emily loving on Noah.

The haze is from the smoke from the fires. Now, we are in Washington and there are more fires and haze. Oh well, we are just lucky everybody is safe and the fires are getting under control.

We all ate Subway for lunch. It was our kids first trip to Subway and they all liked it. Yea!

Then, we stopped at Cascadian Farms roadside stand for some ice cream. Oh my gosh, it was soooo good.

We decided to go raspberry picking. We had to walk through the wooded area to another field.


We took a few free samples and they weren't as great as we hoped. Plus, it was hot and it was a 5 pound minimum to pick. We ended up getting Em her own already picked container from inside the little store and that was good.

We started our drive for the North Cascade National Park. Oh my gosh it was so pretty. The Skagit river is just unbelievable.


This is Diablo Lake. Oh my gosh, it was incredible. The pictures don't do the color justice at all. It was the prettiest turquoise green color.


The drive was so pretty. We'd be in beautiful pine trees and then there is a mountain like this.

Then, we got to our little hotel called the Chewuch Inn in Winthrop. I wasn't so sure about everything when I booked. The guy told me I'd be in a basement room with no windows. But, it held 5 people and was in the perfect location. We pulled up and it's the cutest little place. It has the feel of a bed and breakfast, but the privacy of a hotel. We had to go down about 10 steps after we walked in the front door of our hotel and then there was a little sitting area and bed.

And then, the next room looks like this.

I love that since it doesn't have windows they painted a sky on the ceiling and make the pictures look like windows. Very clever. It's actually one of the nicest rooms we've ever stayed at and the staff was so nice with cookies, coffee, tea and ice water waiting for us when we checked in. Loves it!

Tomorrow, we drive the other 4 1/2 hours to Idaho. Probably with another Subway stop and then, we will be swimming in the river tomorrow night!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Such an awesome trip! Say hi to your dad and Suzy for me! Xo
Pam xo

Linda said...

Such great scenery and wonderful family times. :) Glad everything is working out well.

We begin our 11+ hour drive in the morning and that's just the beginning part. Sunday will be another 6+ hours of driving and then we'll finally arrive. Already met with a snag today - the large vehicle Jim rented hasn't been returned - the other family kept it longer - so the rental car place has to scramble and find us another SUV 4-wheel drive type. They tried to give us a mini van - Ummmm..... no, that won't make it up 10,000+ feet of mountain dirt roads and Colorado is similar to our weather right now - too much rain this summer.

So, hopefully that all works out and we're on our way early in the morning.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Great recounting of the day. Actually I wan't expecting to see any blog from today at all, so I was really happy to see the latest sights and hear about everything. Today will be a much shorter drive and like you said you can look forward to some more relaxing times on the water.Glad everyone is having a good time and know that by this time next week you'll hopefully be relaxing back in your own lovely home.. no beach but a pool near by. Have fun in Idaho and say Hi to your dad and Suzy for us.

Sarah said...

Wow! What beautiful places you are visiting! Your kids will never forget these trips. I grew up in Washington until I was 13. We lived in the Eastern part so it was not nearly this green or pretty, but I do have memories of visiting some really pretty places in the west while we lived there. So jealous you are there.