Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Vacation, Day 6

Today was our last day in Gibsons. Our plan was to sit at the beach all day. First, we had to do some pier jumping. The kids ran to the end of the pier.

The tide was high this morning. But, the kids were still a little scared. I don't think it's the height of the jump so much. This morning, it was about 8-10 feet. But, I think it's the fact that you are jumping into a cold ocean that's about 40-50 feet deep with whales and sharks in it. That would be why the chickened out at first.

But, then they went for it.

I think they jumped 20 times.

I don't know why these pictures are so funny, but I love the action photos.


Noah was helping them up ladder. So cute. He'll jump next year when he's a little stronger of a swimmer and we'll need an adult below. And by adult, I mean David.

More pics of jumping.


Since the tide was higher, they went off the high part.


Brotherly love....

At some point, Noah got bored of watching and wanted to find beach glass. I headed to shore with him. He wanted to jump off the pier in his own way. It was a good 5 foot jump and he handled it like a pro.


We left that beach and went to Soames beach, which is right by our house. We relaxed.

We looked for beach glass and swam. That was it. It was perfect.

Then, we went out to Chinese dinner.


My three monkeys.

Emily makes this awful face that I hate and I told her I was going to publish it. So, here it is. She won't think it's so funny anymore.

After, we were walking to gelato and we passed a guy playing guitar. Ben was jamming out.

Then, he went over and threw a toonie (which is two dollars) in his guitar case.

Having some serious conversation over Blue Smurf gelato.


Saying goodbye to the bear and Gibsons. Boo.

We are sad to leave this beautiful place and our beautiful family.

We head out tomorrow on an early ferry and drive half way to my Dad and Suzy's. We are going through North Cascade National Park in Washington. Expect some beautiful pictures tomorrow!


Linda said...

Fun videos and beautiful photos. I've enjoyed them all! :) I will probably have one more day of following your adventures until we are off on our own and because the internet may be limited where we're going, I don't plan to be online at all for the week that we're gone, but I will definitely check in when we return home.

Continued safe and fun travels to you and your sweet family.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Oh I love all those pictures. For some reason I have become teary eyed each time I looked at your visit to BC. I am so glad you had a great time. The kids for sure won't forget these visits;not only the places you went but the people you visited.
Wishing you safe travels to Idaho and a happy end to your vacation. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your vacation.☼