Friday, January 27, 2017

Vacation, Day 4 from 2015

Vacation Day 4 from 2015, I think.

Ok, long story, but I'm working on saving my blog in pdf docs to back it up and somehow, I must have saved this one weird and it published it on top as a current post.  I don't want to delete it, so it's now out of order.  And I don't care.  :)

Did the kids ever sleep in this morning. They were beat. I pulled Ben out of bed at 8:45 since breakfast lasted until 9 and he eats a pound of bacon. Noah was still sleeping at almost 10. Emily was asleep too until 8:45. These kids have been playing hard. They rarely sleep past 7:30.

We got checked out of our hotel and got settled at Aunt Paula and Uncle Terry's. Then, we headed for the beach after lunch. We planned to go to Starfish beach, but the smoke from the fire is still not great and that beach is closer to the fire. So, we stayed close to home today. Besides, the kids wanted to do more dock jumping.

Here's Ben jumping in:

I like this picture of Ben. It looks like he's standing on water.

David jumped.

And more jumping:

Then, the kids wanted to jump on the other side. And for some reason, it freaked them both out. Ben wouldn't jump and kept stopping. There were like 15 teenagers there jumping in and playing and they were so nice. They started chanting his name and encouraging him to do it. At one point they stopped chanting his name and he turned and said, "can you keep going?" and started using his fingers like a band conducter.

It worked:

Then, they started chanting Em's name and in she went.

This is the ladder to get up to the dock. Last night, you could only see about six rungs when we jumped. The tide was low today when we went and it was double the height.

Then, Noah jumped off the floating dock. It's about 3 feet. Hey, you got to start somewhere.

Here's a jellyfish Em found. He's dead.

Noah found a crab.

Then, we played on the beach for hours.




Before we left, Em and Ben wanted to jump again. Here they are holding hands jumping.


Linda said...

Jim said he would not jump off the pier either, lol. :) I showed him all of the photos of your adventures and he enjoyed seeing them.

I was worried when I saw Emily holding the jellyfish, as I read that they can still sting even when dead. I had read all about that before we went to the Alabama coast and knew to stay away from them even when they were dead on the shore. Of course, I am the queen of "be careful" (I get that from my Dad).

Apparently the smoke from the fires is all across most of the U.S. with air quality alerts in several states including Colorado where we're heading on Saturday and here in Illinois, and I wondered if that's been causing some of my asthma like symptoms in the mornings lately.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! yes , they are brave and must be so proud of themselves. Too bad you didn't get the video of the cheerleaders chanting for Ben to jump and him directing the "crowd" That would have been cute to revisit some time from now. I am so glad everyone seems to be having a great time and even Noah jumping. That is so brave of him.Well I guess by now you're counting down the hours. I'm not sure if you are leaving Wed or early on Thursday. In any case enjoy the last day . ☼ I hope the fires don't interfere with the rest of the trip.

Anonymous said...

Wow the kids were so small n cute..scary to us grandmas seeing them jump off the pier..�� know its fun tho..ur vakays r always happy love mom ❤