Saturday, July 4, 2015

Vacation, Day 2

We made it to Gibsons! Yea! The internet at our hotel is pretty slow. So, I'm just doing a quick highlight on my phone and I'll do a longer post with more pictures when we get back to Uncle Terry and Aunt Paula's tomorrow.

This is Mount Rainer when you are flying into Seattle.  It's over 14,000 feet and was spectacular to see from the air.

We stopped at our favorite burger place, Johnny's burgers for some lunch and milkshakes!

Ah, the ferry ride over.  It's always a highlight for me.

We got here just after 5 and went straight to the water for a dip!
More on today, tomorrow.


Linda said...

You're so good with the updates! I'm not going to deal with the internet while we're in Colorado, so plan on posting nothing until after I return. Love your photos and news.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Of course you can imagine. First thing I did this am was check to see if you had posted a blog... Ha! Too bad you do not have a good connection at your motel... but then one can't have everything. You got there safely and that's what really mattered to me the most. I was a nervous wreck yesterday so I really appreciated all your little clues along the way. Thank you. You are the best . Hope today is a good day and look forward to "seeing" all about it.