Monday, July 13, 2015

Vacation, Day 11

We started the day with some paddle boarding.  I've always wanted to try it, but I've never had the opportunity.  The lake was like glass today with hardly any boats, so it was the perfect time.

David was up first.  I have a hilarious video where my Dad and I were thinking he'd fall, but he didn't.  I'll post videos later after we get home.
 Em gave it a try and did great too.

It was my turn.  Getting up from your knees was tricky at first, but once I got going, I was golden.

Even my Dad did it.  Nobody fell in once.  What the heck?  He did pretty darn good for almost 70 and a knee replacement 3 months ago.
 Ben is so light that he practically jumped on the thing and took off.

He was actually trying to tip it and couldn't.  I told him he needed to chill out, so he got down and meditated.

Then, David took Noah out.  Noah felt too unsteady, so he wanted off.

Then, we took a boat ride to a little beach nearby.  This is my Dad and Suzy's cabin in the background.

It was sprinkling this morning.  Then, it cleared up by about noon.  We headed out and then the clouds came again.  Oh well, it was still warm out and we played in the sand.

David and Ben wrestled.

I think Ben lost.

I think my husband is a big kid.

I was helping the kids build a sand castle.

Ta da!!!!!

Then, this huge cloud came in and the thunder and lightening started.

We headed home and I said to my Dad, "Is that a huge wall of rain we are going into?"  Why, yes it is.  And it was pouring when we pulled up with the boat.  Suzy ran out to help us get the boat in and we were all soaking wet by the time we made it to the house.  It was crazy.

The storm passed in about 10 minutes and within 30 minutes, the sky was blue.  The kids were already back in bathing suits.  Crazy!

My Dad, David and I went out for a 2 mile kayak ride.  I can hardly feel my right arm.

We came back and the kids went swinging.  Noah is so stinkin' cute.

The neighbor, Judy, was so sweet and gave Emily this little owl made out of wood.  

Tomorrow is our last day of fun and then we are headed home on Wednesday.  It seems like we've been on vacation forever, yet it seems like we still need two weeks more!


Anonymous said...

Another amazing day in Idaho! A little bit of rain , a little bit of sun and Fun all round. Loved the pic of Ben meditating, so many cute ones of Noah, and Emily with her newest owl is precious.
Enjoy your last day of F&F( fun and frolics)
And yes, your day is one of a kind as well. I can hardly stand up and he is out paddle boarding. Kudos to him and Suzy for getting him back on his feet and functioning so well .
Enjoy! ☼

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION "And yes, your Dad is one of a kind as well" Sorry Pete! :)

Linda said...

Ahhh, wonderful photos and your Dad & Suzy have a beautiful home there!! :)
I wish we could have 2 weeks of vacation at a time, but we always take other times throughout the year, so our summer vacation is just a week and with 2 days of it traveling, we never have very long to be at the destination. I would have loved another week in the mountains - I felt great there, and am not too happy about being back here in Illinois. :(

Love, Linda