Sunday, July 12, 2015

Vacation, Day 10

We started the day with a canoe and kayak ride.

Then, we took out the paddle boat as a family.  Ben was swimming somewhere by the boat.

Grandma Suzy put on fake nails for Emily.  Her and her friends are obsessed with fake nails lately.

Then, we had some lunch and went out to play in the water.

Grandma Suzy took Em out on the jet ski.
And she took Ben....

I took Em out on the jet ski and my Dad took Noah.  We were going out all afternoon.
Then, we took out the pontoon boat for a little ride.

Then, the kids went on the raft.

Everyone is happy and having a blast.

And then, a big wave came.  Noah 's face is hysterical.

Poor little guy was crying after that wave.

We stopped to get him off and kept going with these two maniacs.

No worries, the little guy recovered.

We had a yummy tri tip dinner with mashed potatoes and green beans.  Then, we headed out for an evening kayak ride.  We tried to each take a kid so my Dad didn't take the canoe.  Big mistake.  Him and Ben could hardly steer.  They were running into the dock.  It was hysterical.

I lucked out with the lightest (and possibly cutest) passenger.

 David and Emily look like they are about to sink, but it wasn't this bad in real life.

Suzy takes Katie who just sits there and loves it.

I think we packed a weeks worth of fun in a day.  We will all sleep great tonight!


Anonymous said...

So much fun! I love the pics of the three kiddos on the raft - pure joy (some fear)! Great memories!
Love ya! Xo

Anonymous said...

Wow! 10 days and still going strong. You must all be sleeping well at night to have so much energy! We loved seeing all the pictures both here on your blog and the ones Suzy forwarded yesterday. It is like you are at a private resort. So much fun! Only a couple more days and then back to reality. LOL!

Linda said...

Wonderful family adventures!! :)

Love, Linda