Friday, July 3, 2015

Vacation, Day 1

We have an early morning flight out to Seattle tomorrow. And then a two hour drive up and across the border. Then, an hour to the ferry in Vancouver. Then, a 45 minute ferry ride. So, we wanted to get an early start to the day. But, we didn't really want to leave Prescott at 3 AM. Since David had today off for the holiday, we decided to head to Phoenix and stay at a resort that has a nice waterpark. There are three big slides, a lazy river and wave pool. Total fun. My bestie Pam was going to join us for the day by the pool too!

So, we check in and they give us four wrist bands for the waterpark, since the room is supposed to hold only 4 people. Um, 2 queen beds and a pull out sofa. Whatevs? They want to charge me $37.50 for Noah. What? He's not even tall enough to ride the slides. I didn't even have to throw a fit and the guy very nicely gave me a wristband for him for free. Nice. So, my best friend is coming to join us. Oh, she'll cost $47.50. What? I was not happy. I mean, the water park is okay, but real water parks with 10 times the stuff aren't even that expensive.

So, I went down to access the situation. We went down the slides. We went to the wave pool. I looked out and see Noah laying on his tube spinning in circles like he's on the teacups.

Then, we had some fries. We shared two baskets for lunch. Since a burger was $15. Fries were $8. It was nuts. We are just not resort folk.

Then, I went back to the room and called Pam.  The kids at the entrance of the water park were more interested in FB than who was coming and going.  I told Pam, I could make her a wristband out of our cut off leftovers.  There's a good reason to always bring scotch tape on a trip.  She turned it around, so the tape wasn't showing and we both waltzed right in.

I told the kids that sometimes it's okay to break the rules.  Like when we are already spending a lot of money to stay here and they want to charge $50 more for Pam to go down a slide twice and do a few laps in the lazy river.  If the rules are ridiculous than you can break them. HA!

Your guest ware welcome at their regular pools, just not the water park.  So, after several hours, we went to the regular pool.

Here's Em loving on her daddy.

Then, they decided it would be a good idea to jump on this giant beach ball.  I think they all thought they would be able to balance.  NOT!

Then, he thought he'd try it again.  This time using more force and concentration.
Oddly enough, it still didn't work.

Noah crawling around.

Pam had to try it.

She failed too.

But, she tried again, just like David.  These fools never learned.  It was so fun to just sit back and watch and take photos.

Emily tried it several times and failed too.

Then, we ordered some pizza and salads delivered.  And, we went back in the water park again.  The wrist band worked perfectly for a second time.  I'm a genius.

We wake up at 5 and start our journey to Canada tomorrow.  Night nite!

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Linda said...

Wow, you're very sneaky! Have to look out for you ;)

Glad to know you had safe travels and I know you'll enjoy a wonderful time.

Love, Linda