Friday, July 31, 2015

Catching Up

The last days of summer have been busy, so here's a wrap up.

Ben had his annual eye Doctor appointment yesterday. David took him to Phoenix. The doctor saw him and said how much he's grown and that his eyes will likely have changed a lot. But, they hadn't, which is great. It was just a slight tweak in his prescription and they were out of there for another year. Literally to Phoenix and back and the appointment in under 3 1/2 hours.

I was refilling my printer ink cartridge because you know, I do anything to save a few pennies. I had to get the ink up in the tube so it would fill the syringe without a bunch of bubbles. And pop, it went everywhere. I thought it was just on the countertop and floor. It cleaned up easy breezy. No problem. Then, four hours later, I'm walking back to the kitchen from down the hallway and noticed something on the ceiling. Our 14 foot ceiling!

I had this giant story ready for David about a huge octopus that came in our house and inked on our ceiling.  But, the kids threw me under the bus the second David got home from work.  Oops. Luckily we have some paint and a tall ladder.

Emily was bored the other day, so she made herself a jump rope out of grocery bags.  But, then that got boring quick, so she turned it into a headband.  Rather creative.

Last night was the meet and great at the school, and I think it's going to be a great year!  Here's Ben with his best bud, Andrew.  They are in the same class.

Here's Ben trying to look upset over the stack of books waiting for him at his desk.

The school mascot came in to see the kids. 

Everything went great and the kids all have wonderful teachers.  Em and Ben both got some of their best friends in their class.  Noah got some kids he knew from his class last year, but his best buddy, Levi, was not in his class.  But, they can still play together at recess and lunch.  Noah is my most social kid, so I don't need to worry about him.  He'll be just fine.

I'm volunteering in Noah's class already today.  I already got roped in, but that's all good.  If I can make things easier for the a teacher, it's the least I can do.  Three more sleeps and school starts!


Linda said...

I can't even begin to think about school starting yet - very much in my summer mode here. Heading to the Dunes this weekend with all three of my sisters and their families. It's the first time we've ever done this with all of us, so I'm hoping beyond hope that the weather is good for us!! It's nearly a 3 hour drive each way for us here and much shorter for them.

School though.... yes, in a couple of weeks things will pick back up around the lovely quiet campus and Sarah's college classes don't begin until August 24th, so still a few weeks. Before that, we have lots of summer fun in store. Next weekend is our 13th Wedding Anniversary (15 years together this fall)... so Jim and I are going off on a super fun adventure which I'll tell about at some other time. :) It's different now with grown kids and we're ready to have some fun.

But all that aside, I wanted to say that I had been checking your blog all week long looking for updates and so this afternoon, I was happy to finally see one. I figured you were busy with back-to-school events.

Glad Ben's eye appointment went well! : ) I have an eye doctors appointment on Tuesday and I haven't been in 7 years and my eyes are awful (even with reading glasses), so I don't know what all of that means, but will find out.

Have a fun weekend!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

David alerted me that you had posted a new blog. I, too, like Linda have been checking everyday but somehow or other I must have checked before you posted it yesterday. I like Em's headband .. a true hippy look. The picture of Ben and Andrew made me smile as they look like two peas in a pod. Good news about Ben's eye appointment. Good job Ben!
Hoping everyone does have a good school year, including you Mom. I know those teachers will keep you busy with their projects. .. and I'm sure they appreciate your efforts as well.
As always thanks for the great pictures.