Friday, July 17, 2015

Beach Glass

One of the things we love to do in Canada is find beach glass on the beach. It's basically tiny pieces of smooth glass that has been broken down after years in the ocean. It washes up on shore and gets mixed in the sand and rocks. We collected it the last two years. I kept saying I would decorate a picture frame or make an owl mosaic for Emily  or something. Yet it still sits in a baggy. 

We spent hours looking for it. My Aunt Paula says we find a years worth in a day. Since I know my motivation for crafts is non existent right now, I put it in this mason jar and it's in Emily's rom now. Much better than in a baggie in the drawer.

There are also a few pieces of tile in there. All this stuff thrown in the ocean. It's crazy and so pretty. 


Anonymous said...

Well a lot of time spent seeking the glass I'm sure. Amazing the history of those little pieces that have washed up on shore. Wonder what they were in their heyday!? Some beer bottles for sure and not too sure about any of the others. Anyway a good assortment of colors and maybe one day your crafting skills will work themselves into a beautiful piece of art. In the meantime they look great and safe in their mason jar.

Linda said...

Beautiful collection!! :)
I have several jars of shells, rocks, etc., as found from our oceanside or lakeside trips.

Love, Linda